The 15 Best Baby Gifts for the Child’s 1st Birthday

It is actually not that easy to think of the best baby gifts for the child’s 1st birthday.

Even if you know the child, it develops so fast that the thing you know they play with now might be outdated in a month. And if you are not surrounded with toddlers you can really go wrong with your gifts, as I did a couple of times when my own kids were grown and my grandchildren hadn’t arrived yet.

If you want to make your own handmade baby gifts or homemade gift baskets for the little one, that is a great idea, but if you don’t have the time to make cute baby gifts yourself, why not consider these suggestions for baby gifts as a great alternative.
I have tried to think of all the gifts the kids in my family have received for their first birthday over the years, and even if I at first found it difficult to remember, slowly pictures of the gifts surfaced, and luckily especially the most appreciated ones, appreciated either by the birthday child or their parents.

So here are some great ideas for the best baby gifts you can find:

Best Baby Gifts


Towels are going to be necessary for the child as he or she grows older, as they will be used in the shower, at the pool, when swimming at the beach, or just as an extra blanket if the weather gets cold.
Fun Towels with animals, colors, and popular cartoon characters printed on them are sure to be a hit, as they will be catering to the child’s preferences. Getting a few fun towels for the child to use will be practical and fun for the child. He will love to be wrapped in a towel with his favorite animal or cartoon character.

Maybe the first towels should be a towel with a hood and animal ears?




Well, I guess this is mostly for the little girls.

A small pram, preferably solid and balanced because the little birthday child is just about to learn to walk.
In the pram pillow and quilt. If you can sew and have access to fabric similar to the fabric in the child’s own quilt and pillow, make the bedclothes for the pram in the similar fabric; the little one will simply love it.

Together with the pram you can give a doll as a gift, or you can arrange with another of the birthday guests to give a doll that will fit the pram.



Toy storageStorage Chest:

Once the child starts collecting toys, you can bet that the child’s room or the kitchen is going to be quite messy if all the toys are left out.

Rather than allowing that to happen, give the child a Storage Chest as the perfect baby gift.
The best baby gifts are often decorative as well as practical, and a colorful storage chest can add a nice touch of color to the little one’s room while still being a great place to store all of the toys that would otherwise be left strewn around the room.




A fun gift that you can give your child is a Sling Bookshelf.
This simple shelf is designed to hold a number of books, but the shelf is made with a simple wooden frame and a cloth sling to hold up the books.

It is a great present that will add a colorful touch to the décor, but it will be practical to store all the books.
Add to that the fact that you can fold it up and store it in the closet when you aren’t using it, and it is a very handy gift to have.





Funny or Cute Bedclothes:

Rather than going with the traditional white cotton sheets and pillowcases, why not consider some fun Pillows and Sheets?

These bedding items can have pictures of the birthday child’s favorite cartoon characters printed on them, Angry Birds, Frost or pretty much anything else you can find.

It will be a great way to turn the child’s room into a colorful paradise.


basketball-set-telescopeTelescoping Basketball Set:

The little man may be too small to be a sportsman yet, but he can start playing games like basketball with his Telescoping Basketball Set.

The set starts out with the hoop at a level that your 1 year old can easily reach, but it is adjustable to accommodate the increased height of the growing child.

As the little guy gets bigger, you can make the hoop higher and thus provide him with a greater challenge. All in all, this is one of the best baby gifts to turn him into a sporty guy.



kridttegningColored Chalk:

One of the best and cheapest birthday presents for a child’s first birthday is colored chalk.

In the spring and summer and even in autumn the children can color the tiles and pavement with these bright colors: pink, light blue, light green, yellow and white.

First it is just the wonder of being able to make a line or a kind of pattern with these beautiful colors outside on the pavement, later it will develop into simple drawings made together with older children and parents.


roller-coaster-setKid’s Roller Coaster Set:

For kids who like action and movement, the Kids Roller Coaster Set is the perfect gift.
The gift is basically a number of different wooden or plastic pieces with different curves and slopes.
The child can set up the track however they want, and he or she can then roll down the track on their own little roller coaster car.
It is great for kids of all ages, and the one year old child will love riding it once they are strong enough to sit up straight without any help from the parents.


Aprons for Activities:

When baby gets a few months older, he or she is likely to do all kind of fun activities with mommy and daddy.
Finger painting, Play-Dough, and cooking projects are all lots of fun, but they tend to be very messy.

Rather than allowing baby’s clothes to get dirty with all the fun, you should consider Aprons for Activities as one of the best baby gifts. There are many aprons that will protect your little one’s clothes from being stained or ruined with the fun activities that you can do together.

Funny Toddler T-shirts:

Toddlers need to learn to dress well, but who can say what “dress well” really means? Why not consider a few Ironic Toddler T-shirts as a great baby gift for your little one. These T-shirts come with funny messages for your toddler, and you can bet that those who see the shirts will break into a chuckle. It can also give the little one a few more shirts to add to the collection of drool-stained ones, making these shirts one of the best baby gifts.

Percussion Table:

Babies love to make noise, and there are few gifts that will be better for your little guy than a Percussion Table.
This table comes with all sorts of percussive instruments integrated into its design, meaning that baby can whack away and have fun generating lots of noise with his or her table. It is great to teach babies coordination, a little bit about music, and stimulate their muscles (working them out as they hit the table). It is a great table with many hours of fun in store for your little one.

Baby Backpack:

Carrying all of the stuff around with you can be quite exhausting, but baby is starting to walk well.
Getting a Baby Backpack can be an adorable way for you to split the load between you and baby, as baby can wear the backpack and carry around his or her own diapers, cream, and wet wipes.
These cute backpacks often come with a harness that can help prevent baby from walking off, and they will be a great choice for a baby gift.


baby slide

Baby Slide:

I have seen my own grandchildren and their little friends play with a baby slide since they could barely walk (with help from their parents, of course).

They have spend so many hours, and have had so much fun, that I can only recommend this as one of the best baby gifts for a child’s first birthday.


Shopping Cart:

Baby sees mommy doing the shopping on a regular basis, but he or she is starting to walk. Rather than getting a walker for the precious little thing, why not consider getting a Mini Shopping Cart that they can push around the store (under Mommy’s close supervision).

Cookie Cutter Set:

cookie cutters mumiA Cookie Cutter Set is a great present for a little girl, as it will enable her to make fun, unique shaped cookies with mommy. If Mommy wants to make cookies with the little one, these cookie cutters will give baby something that they can do to contribute to the baking project.


These are just a few simple ideas of the best baby gifts, and you would do well to check out some of the other pages to find more ideas.

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