Printable Happy 2nd Birthday Card and 2nd Birthday Wishes

These printable Happy 2nd Birthday cards are cute and funny, and you can print them for free as long as you use them for your own private use.

The size of the cards is 4 x 6 inches, when you print them with 300 dpi, a really good printing quality.

Important: Just remember that you have to click the picture you like, then a the big and printable card pops up and you save that one.

11 Free 2nd Birthday Cards:

1. Let’s start with a birthday card with 2 dinosaurs, and the greeting:

“Happy birthday. You are now 2 dinosaurs old!!


happy 2nd birthday card

2. This next 2nd birthday card is with 2 monkeys, 2 elephants (and actually 2 bananas and 2 butterflies, but there are 4 palm trees, sorry!) and then the text that says “2 years”.

two of a kind birthday card


Before I show you some more happy 2nd birthday cards, I will add some wishes and quotes for 2nd birthday.

2nd birthday wishes:

I wish all the best in the world for you
congratulations for turning two

Have a great 2nd birthday.
Have a lovely day with lots of presents!
Happy Birthday

Spring bunnies
and baby chicks too,
our little baby
is turning two!

You aren’t just two.
You are too cute
too sweet
and too fun!
Happy 2nd Birthday.

You’re getting bigger
every time I see you.
You are turning into a little man.
Happy 2nd birthday

You can melt hearts
with your adorable
2-year-old smile.
Happy 2nd Birthday!

( you will find more 2nd birthday wishes below)

3. Just a sweet birthday greeting card with a teddy bear, roses and balloons.

teddy bear birthday card

4. Two little kittens wishing the birthday child a happy birthday.

birthday card with two kittens

5. I am sure there is not a birthday child in the whole world who wouldn’t just adore this cute kitten sending birthday wishes and hearts.

Kitten in a swing

You will find lots of Pirate birthday invitations on another page, here there are some Pirate birthday cards.
6. The first one with a pirate ship, a pirate, an octopus and a sea turtle, and two seagulls taking a rest at the ship.

Happy 2nd birthday pirates

7. One more Pirate greeting card, with a pirate octopus with a pirate flag.

Octopus and pirate flag

8. Actually I think that gorillas are quite clever, but even then it can be difficult to remember what to say to a child turning 2.

funny 2nd birthday card with gorilla

Here comes a couple more 2nd birthday quotes and wishes:

2nd birthday wishes:

Bear hugs and loving kisses
to my favorite 2 year old!
I wish you lots and lots of happiness.
Today is your day, so you’re
completely allowed to ask Mommy
and Daddy to give you whatever you want.
Happy Birthday!

At 2, you’re twice as
adorable and precious
as you were a year ago.
Happy 2nd birthday,
cutie pie!

Here comes the last 3 free 2nd birthday cards:

9. A very cute elephant wishing you a happy birthday with a red heart.

I guess this card is mostly for girls, with all the red, the bow and the skirt.

funny cute elephant card


10. A 2nd birthday card with an elephant holding the number 2, and a 2nd birthday wish:

“A great big birthday wish
especially for you,
Hope your day is happy
and lots of fun too!”



11. And as I started out with a dinosaur birthday card, I will end this page with one:

funny dinosaur birthday card

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