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Printable Birthday Invitations for Kids

This is the main page for all the printable birthday invitations for kids you can find on my website.

Below is an overview of all the pages, those which are here already, and those which will come gradually, when I can find time to make them.

There will also come a couple of pages about how to make your own birthday invitations. Both on the computer, and later how to make them with cardboard and decorations.

All these printable party invitations are free for you to use, as long as you use them for your own personal use, so please respect my work and don’t use them otherwise.
I am really interested in putting work into making this website useful, and I hope you will either find what you are looking for, or that you will get ideas for cards or games and decorations from what you find here.

Overview of All the Pages with Free Birthday Invitations:


Find Your Printable 1st Birthday Invitation Here:

elephant birthday invitationHere you find no less than 25 free printable first birthday invitations, all free for you to use for your child’s 1st birthday.

There are invitations for a boy’s birthday, in blue, and with dinosaurs and other funny motives.
There are first birthday invitations for girls, in pink, with bunnies and kittens and butterflies.
And you can find a printable invitation for twins, and a lot of birthday invitations for both boys and girls.

So take a look, choose the invitation card you like. Click it to go to the larger version, and the either print it or write your message on the card in a word or a drawing program.

2nd Birthday Invitations:

Monkey birthday invitation10 printable 2nd birthday party invitations.

They are cute, they are funny, and your toddler and the invited guest will love them.

Different colors, red, pink, blue, with the number two, lots of balloons and as your child is turning two, s/he will now enjoy a themed party (to a certain degree) so there are also invitation cards with a pirate, musicians  and monkeys in the jungle.

You will also find examples of invitation wording, and you can use them as they are, or get ideas for your own wording.

3rd Birthday Invitations: (Coming soon)

free birthday invitation with monsters

Free Birthday Invitation for Your Kid’s 4th Birthday:

I have made some genuine 4th birthday invitation.

There are only 6 cards now, but more will come.


Pirate Party Invitations for Kids:

pirate-invitation-ship-parrot9 birthday invitations with pirates. Girl pirates, tough pirates like Black-beard, cute pirates for the 1st and 2nd birthday invitation.

And there are octopus and pirates treasure chests, pirate ships and palm trees.

You will also find a lot of pirate words, that is pirate invitation wordings 🙂

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations:

dinosaur invitation for birthdayInvitations with cartoon dinosaurs, but also birthday invitations with realistic cut-outs from photos of formidable large creatures from the past.

A couple of the invitation cards are also there as bare templates, where you can add text and clip art if you like.

I have also made a invitation with the double motive of a dinosaur egg. Try have a look at it, if you cut it like the egg shape it will make such a cute invitation.

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