Printable Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are great fun to receive, it’s always good to know that there are people out there who like you so much that they care to send you a card, be it by snail mail or attached to a mail.

Printable birthday cards can be used as both, and after the overview of pages with Happy Birthday cards I will show you another way to use the free cards you find here.


Overview of pages here with Printable Birthday Cards:

Printable 1st Birthday Cards:

kitten birthday cardThe birthday cards for the child’s first birthday are actually maybe more meant for the parents, to tell them that you remember that their child is now turning one, and that you think of them and that you care.

But if you find a really cute card (like some of the cards here on this page) then the birthday child will enjoy it too; like a card with a cute kitten, or a drawing of an animal. The one year old child will recognize an elephant, a fish, a train – so cards with pictures of one of these simple things will create joy.

I have recently seen a one year old birthday child cherish a birthday card with a  drawing of a teddy bear. He brought the card with him the whole day, tried to put it in boxes, and ended up wanting to sleep with it at night.



Happy Birthday Cards for 2nd Birthday and 3rd Birthday:

Pirate birthday cardThe Happy Birthday Cards for the 2nd birthday should all be cute and colorful and delightful to receive for the little birthday child.

You can use some of the cards from the page mentioned above, the one with birthday cards for the child’s first birthday, some of them don’t mention the age.

But I have made the birthday cards for the next  birthdays with motives recognizable for the toddler, like kittens, teddy bears, animals of all kinds, balloons and cake. There will also be cards with cute pirates, dinosaurs, boys and girls – some will be specifically for a 2nd birthday and  3rd birthday, others are more general.

Actually already when the child is turning 2 and 3, often boys and girls have different motives they prefer.



funny 4th birthday cardHappy 4th Birthday to My …..

Here on this page you find printable cards to send to the 4th birthday of your grandchild, to your niece and nephew and to any other child turning 4.

There are happy birthday cards with pirates, with kittens and bunnies. There is even a greeting card with monsters! (cute monsters, though)

You will also find some very cute and funny birthday wishes for a 4th birthday.



Printable Birthday Cards for the 5th – 7th Birthday: (coming up)

4th year birthday cardWhen the kids turn 5 they will still enjoy birthday cards with animals and lots of other motives, but they also start having strong favorite motives from films and TV-programs like Dora, Frozen motives like Elsa, Anna, Sven and Olaf, not to talk about Spider-Man.

I guess at least some of these favorite motives will change over time, although it seems as if Spider-Man is a classic, and the figures from Frozen still stay year after year. But I have not made any cards or invitations with these motives, partly because the might change into something I don’t know about, partly to avoid having trouble with copyright.
But I will later make a page about how you can make your own birthday cards on the computer, and there you can make cards with the child’s favorite film star.



Pirate girl and pirate invitation8th – 14th Birthday Cards: (coming up )







Overview of pages with themed printable birthday cards:


s-ORANGE-KITTENBirthday Cards with animals:

For the printable birthday cards you can find on this website I have used both photos of animals as well as drawings of cartoon animals.

I find that greeting cards with animals can be used as birthday cards for kids of all ages. Cute animals are cute no matter how old you get, and funny cartoon animals are funny no matter how old you are, as well.

Maybe the funny ones are more for birthday children turning 7 to 14, but you can choose what you like, because a lot of them will come with no age written on them.



Pirate girl birthday invitationBirthday Cards with pirates:(coming up)

Like princesses are “hot” for girls, pirates are “hot” for boys (sorry if I generalize too much, but that actually seems to be the case when I see it in my grandchildren’s kindergarten).

I will make a page about arranging a birthday party for kids with a pirate theme. This theme really calls on treasure maps and treasure hunt, but I have also made a lot of pirate birthday cards and pirate invitations.

Some of these cards can even be used for birthdays for older kids, because they are rather cool, if I may say so 🙂



Birthday Cards with princesses:(coming up)

Happy birthday card with a cute little princess
Happy birthday card with a cute little princess

When little girls turn 3, at least the ones I know, princesses are just about anything they can talk about.
They know all the princesses from the Disney films and series and books: Princess Sophia, Snow white, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, – I am not even sure if all of them are princesses, but I know that they want to have their dresses and pictures of them on their t-shirts and underwear and bedding.

Princesses are unfortunately really not so much my style, so I am afraid these cards will be the last to show up.

On the other hand I think you can find so many drawings and clip art of princesses, so you can make your own cards until the page is ready.





dinosaur themed birthday cardBirthday Cards with dinosaurs:

My nephew was all into dinosaurs when he was younger. Now he is 8 and soccer takes a lot of his time, so all his dinosaurs are, at least for a time, hidden in a dresser, but when he was 4 or 5 he knew the names, the real Latin names, of all the dinosaurs you could show him.

Maybe he has been a bit special about that, but I can hear and see around that dinosaurs are a really great thing for especially boys, and I am making a page about how to arrange a birthday party with a dinosaur theme.

With that of course you have to have dinosaur birthday cards and dinosaur birthday invitations.


teddy bear birthday cardBirthday Cards with teddy bears:

Teddy bears are cuddly, loveable and huggable, and most kids aged 1 to – who knows? – will love to receive a birthday card with a cute Teddy bear.

Combined with balloons, flowers, hearts and cakes the teddy bear sends a message of love and safety. So I have made a lot of these Birthday cards with teddy bears, some with the age of the birthday child written on them, some without, to use for whatever aged birthday child you like.




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