Pirate Party Invitations for Kids

These pirate party invitations for kids are genuine and you can use them all for free for your own private use. There are also a lot of birthday invitation wordings for pirate themed parties.

There will be more when I have the time for making them, and as you will already see there are pirate birthday invitations for kids from 1 year to, well, I guess some of them can be used even if you are a grown up.

All these pirate themed birthday invitations are 4 x 6 inches printed with 300 dpi, which is a really good quality.

How to print these pirate birthday invitations:

Click the picture to go to the larger version, then save it and print it.
Where it is needed add the information by hand.
Otherwise just click it, save the bigger version and print the information in a drawing program of some kind. (But only if you need some more information on the front of the card, of course.)
If you need more than 1 invitation, which I guess will most often be the case, make 4 of these cards fit into a page like an A4 paper before you print.

On some of the cards you will have to add the where and when on the back of the card.

Here Comes the Great Pirate Party Invitations for Kids as Well as Birthday Invitation Wordings:

1 – This first pirate invitation can be used for a birthday party as well as for other kid’s parties. Three funny and formidable pirates in front of a pirate ship.
The text says:

With a Yo and a Ho, and a Yo-Ho-Ho
Off to a pirate party we go.
We’ll be dressing up, hunting treasure
and having fun.
We certainly hope that you can come.


Pirate themed birthday invitation

2 – A cute little pirate boy on an island with palm trees and a smiling sun.
The text says:

Ahoy Matey!
come celebrate …………………..
1st Birthday.
Date …………………..
Place ……………………
Time …………………
RSVP ……………….


3 – This is the same card, just with the change that this one is for the child’s 2nd birthday.

pirate invitation 2nd birthday


I think we shall now have some pirate talk to make all these invitations sound original:

Yo Ho! Let’s Go!
First Mate xxx is turning 3!
Come aboard and celebrate.

Pirate party
Captain xxxxxx
Is looking for shipmates to celebrate his 5th birthday.

Come in Ye pirate wear – if you dare!

Ahoy me mateys!
Lets go find treasure and gold
Captain xxxxx
is turning xx years old!
Sail on over and drop
Ye anchor for a pirate party!

Ahoy Matey
Come if ye dare to
the 4th Birthday Party of
Hope you can come to my parrrrty!

4 – A pirate party invitation with Blackbeard the Pirate.
The text says:

Ahoy Ye Mateys!
Sail on over and drop Ye anchor for a pirate birthday party!
My ship lies at anchor at ___________
and sails at ___________________
RSVP ______________
Captain ______________________


Blackbeard pirate invitation

5 – The same card, just instead of Blackbeard the Pirate this card is with the motive of a pirate girl.


Pirate girl birthday invitation

6 – On this card the text is the same, but here we have the pirate girl and Blackbeard the Pirate inviting the guests together.

Pirate girl and pirate invitation

7 – One of the pirate birthday invitations for a child turning 2, with a pirate boy, a pirate treasure chest filled with gold and pearls and an octopus, all on a sandy coast with palm trees.
The text says:

Ahoy there Matey!
Come look for treasure & join the crew
Captain ………. is turning two.
Place …………………..
Time …………………….
RSVP ………………………………

Pirate and octopus and treasure chest

Some more pirate words:


Come aboard for a Pirate of a Time
as we celebrate
xxxxx’s 4th Birthday

Arrrgh! Pirate xxx is turning 3
Avast Matey!
Ye should wear a pirate costume.

Ahoy there me mateys
Drop anchor and come ashore for me
Pirates Party!

Last two of the pirate themed invitations:

8 – The text here on this card is printed above.
The motive is a rather greedy pirate captain with pirate ships behind on the sea. He has found the pirate treasure chest and it is a great card to send as an invitation for a birthday party with a pirate treasure hunt.


Pirate captain with treasure


Shiver me timbers and a Yo! Ho! Ho!
Ye be invited fer some swashbckling fun at
Ship sails at ……

9 – An invitation for a 4th birthday party, with a funny pirate, a treasure chest, palm trees and a sea turtle.

s-invitation with sea turtle and treasure chest

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