Pirate Party Decorations

octopus-on-pirate-shipYou can buy all sorts of pirate party decorations in shops and on Amazon, but here are some ideas if you want to make something yourself and maybe some decorations you can make together with the birthday child before the birthday party.

There are also a couple of ideas for pirate crafts for kids, something the pirate guest can make at the party.
It’s fun, and the kids will feel they made a great thing together.

Pirate Map:

If you are having a pirate treasure hunt, and I guess you will if you are arranging a pirate party, then you might need a pirate treasure map.
Not necessarily, as I have described on the page with picture scavenger hunts. When the children are aged 3-7 normally they won’t understand the concept of a map.
I can still be great to make a map, though, because it looks genuine.

But for older children a pirate map will be a great thing for the treasure hunt, and you can make a big one to hang on the wall, just for the pirate look, with an island and lakes and a shipwreck.

The way you make these maps is the same, it is only the size and maybe the drawings on the map that differ.

pirate map      pirate-treasure-map

How to make the pirate map:

1. Choose a piece of cotton clothing. I always use pieces of old and used sheets, but any white cotton clothing will do.
Just remember, DON’T USE ANYTHING LIKE NYLON OR ANYTHING SYNTHETIC, because you are going to burn it a little. And synthetic clothing doesn’t burn a little, it just burns fast and violently.

2. Don’t cut the piece of clothing. Instead tear it to get a piece nearly the size you want. If the cotton is well used it will be easy to tear it.

3. Dye the cotton clothing in very strong black tea for a couple of hours – a day. Then dry it.

4. Now you have a piece of clothing that looks as if it is old and has been handled a lot.
Use a candle to set fire to the edges of the piece of cloth all the way round, but be sure to put out the fire immediately. If you do it fast, it can be done with your fingers without harming you.
I recommend you do this over a sink, to avoid setting fire to anything else, and to be able to put out the fire with lots of water if anything should go wrong.
When you put out the fire and the embers the piece of cloth becomes dirty, which only adds to the old pirate map look.

Pirate Invitation made as a cloth scroll:  

You can use a piece of cloth like this, but only burned at the sides, as a scroll invitation.
Write the invitation on the colored cotton, maybe with red like blood. Glue top and bottom to branches and roll it together. Tie it with a leather string or a cotton string made to look old.

One more way of using this pirate map material:

You can use it for an invitation by gluing the piece of cloth to cardboard the size of a card and write the invitation in a pirate-ish way.

I have made a template for you by doing that. Click the card below to come to the larger version in a new tab. Save it, and now you can print a message on it in a drawing program, or you can print it and write the message in hand. If you do it in a drawing program you can add some pirate clip art like I have done on the example below.

pirate-map invitation template         Pirate map invitation example


garland with pirate flags

Garlands for Pirate Party Decorations:

For a pirate birthday party it will look great with garlands with black pirate flags hanging all over from the ceiling.

I guess you can buy that as well, but it is easy to make, and it could be a fun way of making the birthday decorations together with the birthday child.

Here is a pirate clip art you can use. Print it double and glue or clips lots of them together around a string.
This will spend a lot of black printer color, so maybe you instead should print just the scull and the bones in many copies and then glue them on flags made of black plastic garbage bags.

party pirate flag for garland    scull and bones for pirate decorations

Actually it is not that difficult to make the children themselves draw the sculls and bones and cut them and glue them to the black flags.
It certainly doesn’t have to look perfect, because I am sure the real pirates were not that great artists 🙂

pirate treasure chest decoration

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