Kids’ Birthday Party Food

When you say “kids birthday party food” we all think of birthday cake as the first thing that comes into our mind.

And below you will find a link to the page with great and easy recipes for birthday cakes and layer cakes, together with ideas for decorating the cakes with icing and frosting.

Later on there will come more pages and posts about birthday food like healthy birthday food, DIY pizzas, bread on a stick and more.

But if you are arranging a birthday party for you kid, inviting friends and family, what you will need is something more substantial than cakes, and here are some ideas for some basic birthday food together with illustrating pictures.

birthday-food-ideasbirthday buns and fruitbirthday-buns-and-fruit-cold-cuts

Birthday Buns:

Original birthday burger buns with sugar and garnish, to use with butter only, and maybe with hot chocolate and whipped creme.

Approx. 20 buns.

½ cup of butter = 100 g
1 packet of yeast (50 grams)
3/4 cup milk = 4 dl
1 egg
½ cup sugar = 1 dl
1 tsp. salt
5½ cup all-purpose flour = 750 g = 1 1/4 l

1 cup powdered sugar = 135 g (2½ dl)
2 pasteurizesed egg whites

Chopped nuts, chocolate or vermicelli

birthday-buns-2Use a little milk, make it lukewarm.
Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm milk.Stir until the yeast is completely dissolved.
Add the rest of the milk, melted butter, sugar and salt.
Stir in the flour and knead the dough smooth and supple.
Place the dough in a bowl, place a clean towel over and let it rise at room temperature for about one hour.

Roll the dough into two sausages, and divide them into 10 pieces each. Roll them into balls.
Put them on a baking sheet with wax paper and let them rise for about 30 min.

Put the baking sheet in the middle of a 225 degree C =  435 F oven and bake the buns about 15 min. The buns are ready when they sound hollow when you knock on the bottom of them.
Let cool on a wire rack.

Stir powdered sugar and pasteurized egg whites to a smooth mass.
Butter them on the buns and sprinkle chopped nuts or sprinkles on the icing before it solidifies.


Burger buns to use with cold cuts, peanut butter, jam, Nutella or cheese:

healthy birthday bunsCold rising dough buns:

These buns are more coarse-grained, and are great together with cold cuts.
You start making the dough the night before the birthday, and let it rise in the refrigerator.
2½ cups cold water
10-20 g yeast
Approx. 1½ cup all-purpose flour = 3-4 dl
2 cups wholemeal flour = 5 dl
½ cup oat meal (this may also be replaced by rolled oats, nuts, cereals and / or seeds)
1 tsp salt

In the evening: put water and yeast into a large bowl and stir the yeast into the water. Add the wholemeal flour and oat meal. Stir with a spoon, add  flour and salt. Stir and feel if the dough can handle ½ cup wheat flour more. The dough has to be to stir, but without being liquefied. Cover the bowl with Plastic Wraps or a cut frost bag and a clean tea towel and set the bowl in the refrigerator.

In the morning: Turn oven for max heat convection. Take the dough with a spoon and place buns on a baking sheet, brush with water. When the oven is hot put the buns in the oven and lower the temperature down to 225 degrees  C = 435 F. 15 minutes later, there are fresh and crisp freshly baked buns.


kids' birthday cake ideasKids’ Birthday Party Cake Ideas:

Basic recipes for great birthday cakes, and ideas and pictures for how to make a funny or themed birthday cake like a Tinkerbell layer cake, a pirate cake, a Pokemon cake.

Also recipes for making the almost necessary birthday layer cake.


I am going to make a lot of pages with birthday cakes, but also pages with healthy food ideas for a birthday party, and there will be some food ideas that are just great, and a bit healthy.
I will also try to make the ideas for food match the age of the birthday child.

But for now I will give you the recipe for this pretty and very tasty cupcake birthday cake.  The muffins are quite easy to make, the foam more difficult, but all children (and their parents) will love this cupcake. Later on it will appear on the page about pink birthday food.

Chocolate Muffins with Cream Puff Foam:

birthday party food cupcake

Chocolate muffins, ingredients:

125 gr. (4,4 oz or 1 1/3 cup) wheat flour
50 gr. (1,75 oz or 1/4 cup) soft butter
1½ dl (0,6 cup) low fat milk
150 gr (5,25 oz) cane sugar
1½ tea spoon baking powder
1 egg, large, or 2 small eggs
grains from ½ vanilla pod
1 tea spoon coarse salt
2½ spoon full unsweetened cocoa powder
50 gr (1,75 oz) chopped milk chocolate
50 gr (1,75 oz) chopped white chocolate

You pour all the ingredients into a bowl, whip with hand mixer for 1-2 min.

Pour the dough into 12 molds, and bake in the oven 15-20 min. at 170 C (338 degrees F).

Cream Puff Foam, ingredients:

250 g (8,75 oz or 1 1/4 cup) sugar
75 g  (2,6 oz) water
110 g (3,85 oz or ½ cup with top) glucose syrup
140 g (4,9 oz) pasteurized egg white
15 g (0,53 oz or 1/16 cup) sugar
Grains from 1 vanilla pod
3 spoon full freeze-dried raspberry
Red food color

Whip the 15 g (0,53 oz) sugar with the egg white until it’s a stiff mass.

You pour water, glucose syrup, 250 g (8,75 oz) sugar and vanilla grains into a clean pot, and heat it till exactly 170 gr. C (338 degrees F).
When the sugar mass has reached exactly 170 degrees C (338 degrees F), you pour it into the stiffened eggs, while you whip it at full speed!!!!!

Whip for approx. 10 min until the foam is stiff and cooled down.
Add some of the freeze-dried raspberries and as much food color you need to make the foam pretty pink.

When the chocolate muffins are cold, add the foam. Pour the foam into an icing bag and make these wonderful foam tops on the muffins.
Sprinkle with the rest of the freeze-dried raspberries.

You can make these cupcakes the day before the birthday party, the foam will be even better after a little while.Keep them in the refrigerator

Birthday cupcake pink pink macaroons for birthday

On the picture above you can see another cake for a birthday, pink macaroons.

Pink French Macaroons filled with Caramel

To get the best result for these macaroons, you should prepare them 3-4 days before the birthday. In this way the caramel kind of “grow together” with the macaroon shells which gives them the perfect taste and crunch.

Macaroons, ingredients

135 g almond flour
230 g powdered sugar
3 egg whites, preferably pasteurized because these macaroons are best after a couple of days
Pink or red food coloring2 cans with condensed, caramelized milk

Preheat the oven to 150 C (302 F)
Prepare a couple of baking sheets with baking paper

Sift the almond flour and the sugar into a bowl.
In another bowl whip the egg whites until they are stiff and wont fall out even if you turn the bowl upside down.

Mix carefully the flour-and-sugar into the whipped egg whites to make a homogeneous mass. Put that into an icing bag and make little round “coins” on the baking pager. The macaroon shells will widen in the baking so don’t place them too close.

Before baking, let the macaroon shells air dry for maybe half an hour. This makes the shells crack a little which is part of a macaroon shell.

Bake in the oven 12-13 min., then take them off the baking sheet and place them somewhere to cool. When cooled, place them in an airtight container.

Next day take the caramelized condensed milk and fill it into a icing bag to spray approx 1 spoon full on one macaroon shell, place another shell on top.
When you have made all the macaroons, place them again in an airtight container, and keep them in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before serving.
If needed the macaroons will be OK even a couple of weeks in the refrigerator, as long as they are kept in this airtight container.

I know these two cakes are kind of for the experienced baker, I just had to have them here because I had them at a birthday the other day, and they were so delicious and tasty 🙂

Here comes a very easy recipe:

easy to make cookiesEasy to make cookies, ingredients:

300 g (10,5 oz) flour
200 g (7 oz) sugar
100 g (3,5 oz) soft butter
1 egg

You cut the butter into small cubes and crumble it into flour and butter, and finally assemble the dough with the egg.
Wrap the dough in film and let it rest in the refrigerator for min. 30 min.
Now it can be rolled and cut out into different shapes (the kids will love to help making these cookies), and bake at 200 C (390 F) about 8-12 min.

After cooling you can decorate the cookies with colored glaze (powdered sugar, a very little amount of water and food color)





Images of Birthday Cakes:

Here comes some birthday cakes photos and photos of birthday buns and more, just to give you some ideas.

Birthday cake pirate themed    small-1st-birthday-cake-picture   1st-birthday-cakeFrozen themed birthday cake     first-birthday-cake4th-birthday-cake-frozen6th-birthday-cakebirthday-cake-2strawberry-chocolate-cake



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