Indoor Birthday Party Games for Kids

Below on this page I describe a lot of fun indoor birthday party games, just what you need to choose from when arranging indoor birthday parties in your apartment or in your house.

I will describe them the best I can, and as I know them, but you can change them or adapt them to fit a birthday theme you have chosen.

I know from experience that having a birthday party indoor can be rather stressing also for the kids, so I have added a few indoor games for kids that will give both you and the guests a chance to calm down before they go on with playing, or before the shall go home.

On another page here I have told how to make an indoor treasure hunt, see here.

Fun Games Kids Can Play Indoor:

Dance Games:

Here comes two dance games. Of course you need some space, and more if there are a lot of kids attending the birthday, but a big room should do OK.

Stop Dancing:

Age: 5 years and up
Number of participants: 4 and more
You need: some kind of music device where you can easily start and stop the music.

All the guests (adults can enjoy this as much as kids) stand in the middle of the room, with the furniture moved to the sides.
You are the DJ, and when the music starts all the guests shall start dancing.
When you stop the music, everybody on the dancing floor shall stop immediately where they are, not moving an arm or head or leg of finger, nothing.
If you see someone moving at all, they will have to leave the dance floor.
Start the music again. The guest shall dance again, and so on, until only one dancer is left.
Then you can start the game again.

If the children are 10 years or more, they can be the DJ, starting with the birthday child.
Then the child who stays to be the last one dancing hall be the next DJ

Balloon Dance:

Age: 4-5 years and up
Number of participants: 6 and more
You need: lots of balloons and string to tie the balloons to the legs of the dancers – music

The purpose of this indoor game is to destroy the other dancers balloons while in the same time dancing and trying to protect your own balloon. It can become a bit wild, so be sure to be there to help if the game threatens to get out of control.

Tie a balloon to the ankle of each guest.
Start the music, and now the guests can start dancing all while the try to stomp on the other dancers balloons.
The guests are not allowed to use their hands, only their feet.
The dancer who ends up with a whole balloon has won.

You can make this game with the guests dancing two and two, where only one of them has a balloon tied to the ankle, but both will have to protect their balloon and destroying the others’.

You can make this game more difficult  for kids more than 9 years old if you don’t tie the balloons to the dancing couple’s ankle but instead place the balloons between the two dancers backs.
Now all the guests shall dance. Eventually some balloons will drop to the floor, and the other dancers have the chance to stomp on the balloon before the couple gets it up an back between their backs, and dance on.

Other Indoor Birthday Party Games:

The following games are all great games for indoor birthday parties.

Unpack the Chocolate:

Age: 6 and up
Number of participants: 6 or more
You need: small pieces of chocolate, enough for all the guests. Wrapping paper and string. Eating fork and knife for each team, as well as for each team plastic glasses, a T-shirt, gloves and a hat.

Before the birthday party starts you shall divide the chocolate pieces into two piles. Wrap up each pile with wrapping paper and string, so you have two packets.

When the game starts, place the two packet with chocolate on each side of a table.
Divide the guests into two teams, and place each team in a row in front of each packet.
The first in the row takes on the T-shirt, hat, glasses and gloves, gets the knife and fork.
When you shout “start” the first on each team starts unwrapping the packet using the knife and fork.
When you shout “next” the first on the team takes of the T-shirt and all the other things and gives them to the next in line, who now takes all the things on and goes on trying to unwrap the packet.

This goes on until one of the teams has unwrapped their packet and can enjoy their chocolate in peace and quiet while the other team has to struggle on until they can get their chocolate.

Pin the Carrot Nose on the Olaf from Frozen:

Age: 3 years and up, the 3 and 4  year old will need a little help
Number of participants: 4 and more
You need: A big drawing on paper of Olaf from Frozen, (or a donkey, a snow man or Super Man, what you like), small paper drawing of carrot noses (or tails or the S for Super Man), enough for all the players. Double sided tape and a tush.

All the carrot noses shall be provided with a piece of double sided tape and the name of each player. This is a good thing to do together with all the players, and at the same time you can explain the rules of the game.

Place the big drawing of Olaf on a door or a wall, the height so that even the smallest guest can reach it.
One after one the players are blindfolded, maybe turned around a couple of times, and lead near the drawing of Olaf.
Now they shall place their carrot on the drawing.
In the end you check the carrot noses to see which player got their carrot nose place most correctly.

If you place the big drawing on a refrigerator you can use magnets instead of double sided tape, and you can also use needles into the wall, when the players are older and not likely to stab themselves or others with needles.

Calming Indoor Birthday Party Games:

If  it has been an active birthday with unwrapping gifts, eating cake, singing, playing with all the old and new toys and playing games – then there could be a good reason to play a relaxing game to calm down all the children and maybe a few grown ups as well.

Relaxing Story:

Let the children lie down on the floor to relaxing music. Tell them to close their eyes.

Tell the children to breathe deeply three times, and to feel how their bodies become heavy and relaxed.
You can walk around between the children, lift an arm or a leg, see if they are relaxed.

Now you start telling them a story. They shall only listen and use their imagination.

The Story: ( you can change the story, of course, as you like, this is just an example)

You are at the beach. It is warm and nice.
You lay in the warm white sand and look at the blue sky. Feel how nice it is to lay in the warm sand.
Sit up, and take a look at the sea. It is blue and looks inviting, so you walk out into the water.
The water is not very deep, it just reaches your knees, and there are almost no waves. The water is just the right temperature, not too warm, not cold.
You stand in the water and close your eyes, to feel the warm wind all around your body.
After a while you feel something nibbling at your feet, so you open your eyes there on the beach and look down into the water.
What you see is wonderful. Little fish in all colors are swimming around your feet and looking up at you as if they want you to follow them.
Now you see there is a small wooden pier, and you walk out to the end of the pier. You feel quite safe, there is a railing and at the end of the pier there are a couple of steps down in the water where you can sit safely and hold on to the railing.

You sit there with your feet in the warm water and the wind warming your body. The little fish have followed you and are now swimming around below the steps. They are happy you understood them and followed the on the pier.

You hear a new sound, soft, like singing. It comes from the water, and when you look out onto the sea you see 3, no, 4 dolphins playing and jumping in the water a little away from you.

The dolphins look so wonderful, and you call out to them. They listen and come swimming nearer, but not too close. They don’t want to frighten you.

One of the dolphins carefully comes a little nearer, and when you reach out a hand to touch it, it comes close to you.
This dolphin stays quite close to you, and if you like you can touch it.
The dolphin feels so nice, wet but warm, and it’s skin is so soft. When you touch it, it smiles, so happy that you want to touch it and welcome it.

If you like you can also call the other dolphins, but if not just raise your hand to them, and they will stay where they are.

You caress the dolphin and tell it you have to leave. The dolphin lifts it head and sings you a little song before it swims to the other dolphins and they all leave.

Now you go onto the beach again. Lay down and feel the warm sand under your body. Your body is very relaxed.

Open you eyes and look around to see that you are now back.


It Starts With ….

relaxing-birthday-gameAge: 8 and up. They kids have to be able to read and write quite well for this game.
Number of participants: 2 and more
You need: A piece of paper and a pencil for each child, maybe a newspaper

This is a party game for kids where all the kids play for themselves, or you can divide them into groups (this is especially good if some of the kids don’t write that well)

Each player gets a sheet of paper and a pencil. If you like you can have made the paper ready for the game, or the players can do that.

It should look somewhat like the one you see to the right. With a column with topics like: City, country, food, animal, name and so on.

Then you choose a letter, lets say the letter a. Now all the players have 5 minutes to find a city, a country and so on that starts with a. When the 5 minutes are gone, the one with most topics filled out is the winner.
Choose a couple more letters.

When the birthday guest are older you can let them choose a random letter by pointing inside a newspaper.



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