Ideas for Birthday Presents for 2nd Birthday Party

When it comes to ideas for birthday presents for the child’s second birthday, everything that helps the toddler moving around and exploring the world safely, is a great idea.

And so are presents like books, to help the little one relax when she or he is tired after climbing and running around.
You can find specific educational toys for toddler, but actually all the toys you could think of as a birthday present will be educational, be sure that the toddler herself will take care of that!

Actually one thing a toddler really likes is cardboard boxes. Often birthday presents come in huge cardboard boxes, and kids just love climbing up and down and in and out of these boxes, so don’t throw them away until they are totally destroyed 🙂

Top Toddler Toys and Other Gifts:


A Bicycle is the perfect birthday gift for kids. You can start with a balance-bike which is a really great way tor your child to improve their sense of balance, and they will love to be able to get around fast.

They can start with this balance-bike already when they turn 2.  If you want to stimulate your child’s muscles and help to develop their coordination, a Balance Bike for Toddlers is a great way to go. This bike only has two wheels like a regular bicycle, but it is very hard for the bike to tip over. Your child can learn to ride a bike from a very young age, thus preparing them for when they get their first real bicycle.

Then when they turn 3 they can get a tricycle, or maybe they go directly to a bicycle.

A bicycle not only helps your child to work on his or her balance, but will help them to develop their muscles from an early age, fight off obesity, and get them out of the house.

balance bike for toddler blue balance bike for boy  birthday balance bike


Toy Dinosaurs:

Toy Dinosaurs are the perfect present for your little man, as boys love dinosaurs and their ability to eat everything that roamed the earth.

Plastic dinosaurs are usually better for older children, as they are less likely to poke out their eyes on a sharp tail or tooth.

Stuffed dinosaurs are great for your toddler, and you can even find dinosaur bicycles, cars, and other toys that will help to spark your child’s imagination.


Building Sets for Things that can Move:

Building a wooden course for a ball doesn’t sound like so much fun, but wait until your child gets a look at the Build N Roll Wooden Ball Track.

This toy is all the fun you always wanted to have as a child, as you can set up an awesome course for the ball to roll around on, ramps for the ball to fly off, sharp drops that will add momentum to the ball, and all kinds of great courses that will stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination.


Balls of Any Kind:

Children older than 2 usually love to play with things that bounce, and any kind of ball will be great ideas for birthday presents for toddlers.

You can buy bouncing super balls are the way to entertain your boys and girls for hours no matter how old they are. Now, imagine that the super ball changed colors or lit up with LED lights every time it bounced, and you can imagine just how much fun your child can have with the Boing Magic Illuminated Super Ball.
This is a great toy for your child (as long as there are no breakable decorations around), and he or she will literally spend hours chasing this bouncy ball around your house.

Educational Toddler Games:

Some of the classic kids shows were great for toddlers, as they helped to develop more than just their appetite for watching TV.
Getting your child a Classic Educational Video Series on DVD is a great present, as it will entertain them while educating them.
Little People can be fun for your toddler, while Richard Scarry DVDs are excellent for children aged 3 to 6.
These classic shows are not only colorful and fun, but they will teach simple things like counting, opposites, shapes, letters, and much more.

Toy Kitchen

A Toy Kitchen Set will be a lot of fun for a toddler, and it will be an excellent present for both little girls and boys.

A toddler likes to copy everything the parents do, and can play in the toy kitchen with all the kitchen utensils, items, and equipment that Mommy and Daddy uses, and it will be a great way to help the child learn how to work in a kitchen from a young age.

birthday present toy kitchen  IKEA toy kitchen  birthday present 2nd

2nd birthday present  toy legumes foodtoy for kitchen


All Kinds of Fancy Dress Costumes:

All toddlers love to dress up.
Actually it doesn’t even have to be a real costume; just the other day I noticed one of my grandchildren, almost 2 years, finding a half football. She immediately placed in on her head, as a hat, and spend the next hour or more walking around, trying to keep the “hat” on her head and enjoying herself.
And I remember my own two sons, sometimes wearing our tea cozies for hats, clearly imagining it as a knight helmets.

Of course I don’t suggest you give old ruined balls for birthday presents, I just want to remind you how much these toddlers like to dress up and use their imagination. Most of them will be happy to get any kind of costume and don’t need expensive ones, so save that for their 3rd birthday, when they will enjoy to receive a princess dress and a batman costume 🙂

Books for Toddlers:

Books is really one of the great ideas for birthday presents, almost at any age, but now turning 2 the little one will love to hear bed time stories.

It should still be books with pictures and only a little text, and the child actually needs the grown up to read lots of stories to learn all the words he or she shall use in the years to come.

It can be books where there is a picture of all the everyday thing a girl or boy will do, like getting up, brushing teeth and so on.
It can also be books with simple songs, maybe some of the songs the child also learns in kindergarten, and it can be books where the child can press buttons and it makes a noise.


A lot of the ideas for birthday presents you find on the page with ideas for the 1st birthday are just as good for a 2nd birthday, if the child doesn’t have it yet.

It could be towels, a storage chest, basket ball set, colored chalk – so please take a look at that page.


It’s very possible that the birthday child already has a lot of Duplo, but it is also very likely that more Duplo would make a great 2nd birthday gift.

duplo for birthday gift

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