Ideas for 4th Birthday Gifts

Papo-knightIf you need an idea for any 4th birthday gifts, be it for a boy or a girl, I think you will find what you are looking for here.

Two of my grandchildren are turning 4 this year, and them being very different in what they like to do, their birthday wishes cover a rather broad area.

And, as they are both girls, I have also had a talk with some of the boys in their kindergarten and the boys’ parents, and they have come up with even more ideas for gifts for their 4th birthday.

So even if you don’t find exactly the right gift here, I am sure you will get a lot of ideas, and also an over all idea about what 4 year old kids likes to play with.


4th Birthday Presents for Boys and Girls:

The Hottest Birthday Gift Among the 4 and 5 Year Old Kids I Know Right Now (December 2015):

Walkie-talkiesI simply have to mention this gift, because it seems to pop up on every Wish list I see these days:


Maybe it is because all the kids I know have seen a certain TV-show, or maybe it just spreads all over the country, but at least this seems to be the hottest birthday and Christmas present right now!

So if you really want to buy a popular birthday present for the boy or girl turning 4-5 years old, get a Walkie-talkie.


Funny Board Games and Card Games:

The birthday child is now old enough to be able to understand simple rules for a game, and it is enjoyable to be able to play a real game with your kids.
There are card games like  eeBoo Playing Cards – Color Go Fish”, and there is the board game “Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Eye Found It !” which is very recommendable for being non-competitive and encouraging teamwork.

4th birthday present game

“ThinkFun Zingo” is a lot like Bingo. Players get picture cards and then they shall fill them up. There are two levels of play, and I recommend that you start with the one without a speed component.

“Peaceable Kingdom / Hoot Owl Hoot!”  is another cooperative game, no reading, color coded. This game has also two levels, in this way the game grows with the child. Another great game is “Peaceable Kingdom / Feed the Woozle”, which has three play levels and actually can be played by children from the age of 3.



Scooters are fun, and you can buy them in all kinds of colors and forms.

scooter for 4th birthday pink girl scooter  scooter for birthday



CD read along books with CD:

You can buy a lot of wonderful CD books with a CD, and it can give the birthday child many quiet and concentrated hours listening and following the story in the book.

Many of these books are made from Disney films and of course it is nice for a child to be able to recognize the story. But don’t miss the chance to find other stories for the child’s birthday gift.

curious george cd-book  CD-book find nemo  Frozen read along CD book



bike-with-training-wheels-and-parent-push-handleTurning 4 means that now the child has better body and mind control and will soon be able to learn to bike. Maybe he or she has already learned it, children this age develops in very different steps.

Anyway: You can now buy a real bike with pedals.

Even if your child has been quite good at handling a balance bike, it may still need training wheels.
I have found it helps the child a lot if you start out with a parent push handle, especially when you remove the training wheels.





Activity Books with dot-to-dot, mazes, puzzles with letters and numbers:

Most kids like to learn new things, like to become better at whatever they see others do.

So books with activities like mazes, dot-to-dot and learning letters and numbers, books where the kid learns to solve tasks like recognizing a shadow of a certain shape – all these things will help the child evolve and at the same time have fun.

mazes for kids   coloring-book-with-stickers kindle-activity-book


Window Color:

window color for birthdayYou can use the window colors for so many things.
You can have a good time with the child drawing different motives like stars, fish, butterflies, cars and later place them on windows or mirrors, any plan surface will do.

I have used them for birthdays, where I together with the birthday child or a brother or sister have written the name of the birthday child and the age in window color, to place on windows on the birthday together with a princess crown or a motive the birthday child really likes.

You can also use them for learning the letters and numbers.




Ghetto Blaster:

4th year present for boys and girlsI gave one of my grandchildren and one of my nephews a ghetto blaster for their 4th birthday, and for both of them is has been a great hit.

The boy is mainly using it for listening to CD books, where he has a quiet moment where he listens and follows the story in the book.

My granddaughter also enjoys listening to CD books, but what she really, really likes is to put on some music and dance and sing.
Her ghetto blaster is placed in her own room, and when she has one of her friends home with her, they go to the room, put on a CD, close the door, and then they dance and sing for hours.

When they finally emerge from her room to have dinner, they are totally exhausted but happy.



Birthday Presents for Girls Turning 4:


Hair Dresser Set and Styling Head:

Hair styling head hair styling set
Not all little girls, but a lot of them, love having their hair done, and even more they love to do the hair of their mothers.

So, after having your hair almost pulled out after having it braided and combed again and again, maybe it’s a good idea to give the birthday girl a Styling Head and a Hair Dresser Set.


LEGO Friends:

Lego birthday gift for girlsYou can get all kinds of LEGO, so I would be surprised if you couldn’t find something that is just perfect for you to give as a 4th birthday gift.

I know that one of my granddaughters wish for LEGO friends, with the five girls Olivia, Emma, Andrea, Mia and Stephanie who live in a small town, which you can build with some of the LEGO assembly kits.

You can find a webpage with videos, pictures and a game with these 5 girls and their animals on



Hair bands for 4th birthdayHairbands:

One thing little girls can never, ever get enough of that’s hairbands and hair clips.

If you can find a hair band with glitter and butterflies, or one with a picture of one of their favorite film- or TV characters, then you have found a gift that you are sure will make the birthday child happy.






Trolley or backpack:

The girl turning 4 will love to get a trolley or backpack to use for outing with parents and grandparent. She can use it for snacks, a bottle of water, hankies  and her favorite toy.

Also it gives her a feeling that she is soon going to be a school girl and responsible for her own things.

You can get these backpacks and trolleys in all colors, and also with motives from films and cartoons.
I attended a 4th year birthday the other day, where the birthday child got a trolley, that could also be used as a backpack, with motives from Frozen.
The motives changes, of course, right now most girls’ favorites motives are Elsa and Anna from Frozen, in a couple of years it will be something else, I guess.



T-shirts, Dresses, underpants with the favorite motive:

As for trolleys and dress up clothes, what I see my 3, 4 and 5 year old granddaughters just love is everything that shoves either their favorite princess (or rather princesses).

They proudly shows their underpants with pictures of princess Sophia, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel and some I don’t even know, and they are happy when the can wear their much loved T-shirt with Elsa and Anna.

They also love their T-shirts and dresses with pictures of their favorite animal. For one of my granddaughters it’s a bunny, another prefers kittens and cats, while a third one is crazy about horses.


princess costumesDress up clothes of any kind:

There are the most beautiful princess dresses out there. Most of them for princesses presented by Disney like Elsa from Frozen, but also any other kind of princess dress is a great birthday present for a girl turning 4. She might already have some of these dresses, but it seems that you cannot have enough, or just need the special dress for this special princess.

I know i  have written about super hero costumes below, as birthday presents for boys, but actually one of my daughters had a period when she was 4  where she wanted to be Super Man. Well, actually what she wanted to be was Super Mouse, which she knew from TV. So for her 4 years birthday she got a Super Man costume. She just loved it!
She loved it so much we could hardly get her to take it of for the night, and she wore it in kindergarten, starting the day running into the room one arm stretched out, shouting “Super Mouse”. I think it went on for a month, the, to the relief of the kindergarten teachers, it kind of stopped.

One thing to remember is that actually all kind of things can be dress up clothes: funny hats, gloves, mother’s old jacket, wigs, sunglasses, high-heeled shoes and so on.



4th Birthday Presents for Boys:


T-shirts, sweaters and other clothes with the favorite motive: (coming up soon)



Bilibo redThe Bilibo is a cross between a rocking chair, a plastic bucket, a sled, and all the fun in the world. Your child can sit on the thing, roll around on it, slide down hills, or basically do whatever he wants with it.
It is a toy that comes with absolutely no limits, making it a better choice for children 4 years old and older.
It will be hard for them to get used to at first, but it is guaranteed to keep them entertained for many years to come.




car-raceAny kind of cars will be great 4th birthday presents for boys, actually cars will be a great birthday present for all boys age 1-90.

But there is something about race cars and race car tracks that make little boys go absolutely bananas, and getting your 4 to 10 year old son a Hot Wheels Race Car Track and Cars will be a great birthday gift for kids no matter who they are.
Kids love to spend hours making tracks, having races in their minds, and having fun with each other. If you want to get your child away from the TV, this is a great choice that will stimulate his imagination and his creativity.




Battery Powered Big Vehicles:

Well, this is a birthday gift in the more expensive category, but if you have the money and the space, i think the 4 year old boy will just love it and even try to take it with him into bed 🙂

big-car-for-4th-birthday    vehicle for kids



Lego castle for boy's birthdaysI am really a fan of LEGO. You can buy their kits for a child as soon as he or she can sit on the floor, and then you get something that suits the child’s playing when he or she gets older.

We gave my two sons a LEGO castle for their 4th year birthday, and they played with it for years. One of my sons actually managed to build the castle himself, but he was also a very determined and practical minded boy. His brother needed some help from his father, but both had a great time building the castle, playing with it, take it down again, and build it in another form.

So I can only recommend LEGO in any form.



Knights and Pirates, toy figures:

I love these toy figures, and have spend so many hours together with my kids and grandchildren playing with them.

The knights and dragons you see here are in the Papo serie, where you can buy all kinds of wonderful toys figures.

You can also buy figures from the Schleich brand, they are at least as good and fancy full. Sometimes when I play with these toy figures, and especially when I see in the shops what wonderful figures yo can buy, I almost would wish I was a child again.

Papo-knight        Papo-knights-and-dragons



Spider-Man! Do I have to say more?

knight costumesOften when I pick up on of my grandchildren in the kindergarten some of the boys are dressed up as either knights or pirates, but most of the time there are maybe 3-4 boys dressed up as Spider-Man.

They might not know exactly what Spider-Man is or does, because the combine it with swords and guns and hoods of different kinds, but Spider-Man they are!

And if they are not dressed up as Spider Man, then they are wearing cloaks and royal robes, fencing with swords and daggers.

Anyway, 4 year old boys love to dress up, as girls also do, but in different costumes.
They love Super Man, hoods, hats, Spider-Man costumes, pirate costumes, Knight costumes and I guess there will come other costumes when new action heroes appear.




swordsSwords and other weapons:








Dinosaurs of any kind will be a great gift for a 4 year old boy, if he is into dinosaurs, and even if he is not, a scary Tyrannosaurus Rex is a sure success!


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