Hawaiian Presents and Baby Gifts

Hawaiian theme party pictureYou might think that Hawaiian presents, well, that is a little special. But these gifts can be a lot of fun, as the unique beachy patterns of these cute baby gifts are colorful and bright.
Babies love colors, so if you don’t know what unusual gifts you can give, consider these personalized baby gifts as the best choice.

And if you are having a Hawaiian theme party or if you are invited to one, what would be more appropriate than giving the birthday child a gift with pictures of Hawaiian flowers, Hawaiian inspired shirts and dresses, not to mention beautiful Hair pins with Hawaiian flowers.

The great thing about these Hawaiian gifts is that a lot of them are not too expensive, meaning that you can give a beautiful gift and still have money enough for the rent 🙂

With no further ado, let’s take a look at a few ideas for these cute and a funny gifts:

Hawaiian Gifts Ideas for You

Hawaiian Clothing:

Hawaiian clothing  is the first thing that comes in mind when you think of a Hawaiian theme party, and this colorful clothing can be for everyone.

For the little one who still isn’t walking around and is content to lie in Mommy’s arms, a Hawaiian One Piece is a great gift.

The little man or woman who is growing every day will look adorable in the little onesie, and proud mommy is guaranteed to show her off to all the relatives in her little Hawaiian suit.

Not to mention the extremely cute Hawaiian baby sets with a tiny dress and trousers for the girl, and the cute shirt for the little boy.
Hawaiian birthday baby setHawaiian Collar shirt for kids

For the 1 to 3 year old kids you can pair this shirt with a cute, colorful diaper to make the child look absolutely adorable.

I have found most of this clothing on a website called www.shakatime.com and I find the dresses and shirts so wonderful that I simply have to show some more, for older kids. (I haven’t bought any clothing on the website, and don’t know if the clothing is good or not, but my, does it look cute).

Here comes pictures of Hawaiian dresses and shirts for older kids, found on the same website. ( I am seriously thinking about ordering something for my grandchildren’s next birthdays)

boy-aloha-shirt boys-Hawaiian-set girl_hula_set

girls_bungee_dress infant_girls_cabana_setHawaiian-rubber-sandals


Miniature Surfboard or Body Board

The little one may be too small to do any kind of sports now, but you can bet that the little baby will grow up into an active little toddler.

If you have a pool, a Miniature Surfboard or Body Board will be a great present for the child age 2-5. It will be fun playing with these items in the pool, and they will help the child develop muscles, balance, and coordination. Even if the birthday child is still very young now, he or she will love these toys once he/she starts playing around in the pool.
Hawaiian Sarong:

A sarong is the perfect outfit for an adorable little baby girl, as it shows off her cute little rolls and pudgy hands while still being as Hawaiian as the beach itself. All in all, this is one fabulous outfit for the little one.Parents who go to the beach find that lugging around a bunch of different kinds of towels can be a drag.

Hawaiian Flower Hair clips:

Once again I have used a picture from the shakatime.com website, with this cute little girl showing a flower hair clips. I can’t imagine a girl who wouldn’t just love to get a hair clips like this for her birthday.

Hawaiian flower hair clips   soft-colored-hair-clips-Hawaiian
Hawaiian Flower Stickers:

I actually found it rather difficult to find Hawaiian flower stickers, much to my surprise, but I guess I didn’t try hard enough, because I am sure they are out there.

For the young birthday child it would be great with colorful flowers and animals, and I did find a picture of flower stickers, just to give you the idea.

For the older kids I found these great towel hangers shaped as surf boards, and some stickers too.

towel hooks shaped as surfboards hawaiian flower stickersHawaiian wall stickers

Hawaiian Hooded Towel:

However, if there is one towel that the young birthday child is going to need, it will be a Hawaiian Hooded Towel for sure. These awesome towels come with a hood on them, meaning that the little one’s head and hair can be protected.
It will make it easier to wrap the child up in the towel after swimming or after a bath, and it will ensure that the little one can always easily dry off without Mommy worrying about the towel falling off.

Hawaiian Gift Basket

A Hawaiian gift basket is a great choice for a birthday, though maybe Mommy and Daddy will appreciate it more than the birthday child will.
The sun is going to be too strong for children playing at the beach or just outdoor, which is where the sunscreen comes in handy. A bottle of tanning lotion and moisturizing cream will help the parents tan nicely and keep the skin moist, and a little Hawaiian snack and beverage will be the perfect complement to any Hawaiian gifts.

Hawaiian Bedding will be a great way to add a touch of the beach, the sun, and the sand to the boy’s or girl’s room, and it will give the parents an extra set of sheets and blankets to use in case the ones already being used get dirty. They will add color and life to the child’s room, and will be matched perfectly by a few colorful posters of the beach.

Hawaiian bedding
Hawaiian Beach Towel:

Playing at the beach, a Hawaiian Beach Towel is the perfect thing to have on hand. With the little one you can simply wrap baby up in the blanket to take a nap, and the thick towel will ensure that baby is protected from the cold wind blowing along the beach.
Older children will love to have their own colorful beach towel.

You can also give the child a Hawaiian Beach Blanket, then the child can stay on the beach without getting mired in the sand.

Lounging in luxury is the best way to spend your vacation, and bringing along baby’s Hawaiian Beach Pillow is a great way to go. These beach pillows ensure maximum comfort no matter where you are.

Hawaiian Diaper Bag:

Diaper bags tend to be more practical than decorative, but who said that has to be the case?  With a Hawaiian Diaper Bag, all of your baby’s items can easily be carried around in a single bag, but the bag actually adds to your wardrobe and makes you look even beachier than a regular diaper bag.

This gift is a great addition to your beach outfit, but will be a very practical thing to have on hand as well.

.Hawaiian Beach Hat:

Baby’s face needs to be shaded if you spend all day under the hot sun, and this is where a Hawaiian Beach Hat is a great choice. While baby may not want to wear it all day, it is still important to keep the sun off his or her delicate skin.

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I have used pictures from the wonderful website http://www.shakatime.com/