Happy Birthday Cards with Animals

Happy birthday cards with animals are so much fun to make, which is why you will find a lot of them around on the different pages here.

Below you find a section with funny birthday cards with kittens, and there will be other kinds of cute animal cards.

But I am also making some weird printable birthday cards, and I think they will be great to use for sending to teenagers, kids who turn 12 to 14 years.
These cards are funny, a little weird, not childish anymore – all in all great for older kids.

When you find a card you like, click the card and a larger version will pop up in another tab. Right click that one, save it and print it.

Free Printable Birthday Cards with Animals:

Any kid who has grown out of childhood will love to send or receive this card with a goat asking for a birthday party.

Party goat birthday card

A bunch of Meerkats, helping each other saying Happy Birthday.

By the look of them I guess they are all hoping to get an invitation for a birthday party 🙂

Funny birthday card with meerkats

Another birthday card with a Meerkat. A rather confused Meerkat, but it is really happy about wishing a happy birthday.

funny birthday card with meercat

Now it becomes really weird. I am not quite sure what this llama has to do with birthdays, but it is so cute with the blue cornflower and it’s wish for a blue sky for the birthday child.

birthday llama with corflower

For now the weird cards are over.

Here is a card for a 4th  birthday, with lots of bunnies and a cute little text.


Funny Birthday Cards with Kittens:

You can also find some of these cute birthday cards on other pages here on my website, but here I have collected most of the happy birthday cards with kittens and cats.

Almost all kids love kittens, they are so cute and small and funny and a birthday card with a kitten will always be loved.

This first birthday card is rather small, 2,5 x 2,4 inches printed with 300 dpi. But I think it is such a cute little card to hand over to a birthday child, or let it follow a birthday present.

Burma kittens birthday card

The next card are larger, most of them 4 x 5,5 inches printed with 300 dpi.

Two little kittens with red hearts and a pink and a blue bow.


A kitten receiving lots of birthday greeting cards in the mail box.

kitten birthday card

A happy birthday card with a cute kitten in a swing, with flowers and hearts.

Kitten in a swing

A free printable birthday card with a little kitten and butterflies in the corners.

Kitten birthday card

Happy Birthday card with a white kitten with blue eyes.

1st birthday card white kitten

An older birthday card with a kitten hanging clothes to dry.

Happy birthday card

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