Funny Birthday Cards for the 3rd Birthday

Here on this page you find funny birthday cards especially made for the 3rd birthday, with cute animals and clouds and other things, all of them in the number of three, or in some other way with the age 3 mentioned.You can use a lot of the birthday cards for the 2nd birthday you find here on this website for the 3rd birthday as well.

So when the birthday child receives the card, he or she can have a lot of fun looking at the card, and counting the different things in the motive.

If you don’t find what you are looking for here, then take a look at the cards with no specific age mentioned like many of the birthday cards with animals, dinosaurs (OK, they are animals too, but they are kind of extinct!) and other kinds of birthday cards, all of which you find on other pages here.

The first one is with three funny dinosaurs, and the text:

“Happy birthday.
You are now 3 dinoaurs old!”

funny birthday card for 3rd birthday

A cute little birthday greeting card for a girl, with three red butterflies, three little puppies, three cute kittens, three red balloons – all on a soft red background.

pink birthday greeting card

This next card is almost the same, only made in blue colors.

3rd birthday card for boyThe size of the three cards above is 4 x 6 inches if printed with 300 dpi.
Make sure that you click the card you want to use, to come to the best version in another tab.

Next two card will, again if printed with 300 dpi, be 3,5 x 5 inches.
This first card is a funny birthday card with all kinds of thing in the number of three:

Three bunches of balloons, three butterflies, three clouds, three plants with flowers, three kittens – and a huge number 3 in the middle.

birthday greeting cards for 3rd birthday

Here another birthday card with three funny dinosaurs, and the text:

“I hope you will have a DINOSAURUSSAL great birthday.”

I am not quite sure what dinosaurussal means, but I am sure the birthday child will understand it!

dinosaur birthday card 3 years

More cards for the 3rd birthday will come.

For now visit Homepage or the main page for birthday cards.