Free Birthday Cards with Teddy Bears

cute-teddy-bearI have made some free birthday cards with Teddy bears to send to all the wonderful and funny and cute kids you know, who are celebrating their 1st or 2nd or 14th birthday.


Some of these cute birthday cards has a text, where the age of the birthday child is mentioned, but a lot of them can be used for any kinds of birthdays.

You are so welcome to use all these Teddy Bear cards for your own personal use, just don’t use them on another website, or for any commercial use, thank you.

When you find a card you like, click the card to see a larger version of the birthday card pop up.
Now you right click that larger card, save it and print it.
The Teddy Bear greeting cards on this page will be the size 4 x 5,5 inches when printed with 300 dpi.

Teddy Bear Birthday Greeting Cards:

An adorable brown Teddy Bear with pink roses, sending you a Happy Birthday greeting.

Teddy Bear Birthday card

This card has the same brown cute Teddy Bear, but now the card also has two orange balloons.


cute Teddy Bear greeting card


Here comes two printable birthday cards with balloons and Teddy Bears, one in blue for boys, one in red for girls.

Happy birthday card Teddy bear birthday card

“Happy Birthday” card with a white Teddy Bear, pink roses and soft pink hearts.

free birthday card with Teddy Bear

One more free birthday card with blue background, blue balloons and a  soft brown Teddy Bear.

The text says:
“Lots of Hugs and Kisses 
on Your Birthday!”

Teddy bear birthday card for boys


A free birthday card with 5 Teddy Bears, maybe for a 5th birthday?

The text says:
“Happy Birthday 
you You
with Love 
from Me”

in different colors.

Card with 5 Teddy bears


A happy birthday card for the 3rd birthday, with 3 Teddy Bears and 3 balloons.

3rd birthday card teddy bears

I just love this Teddy Bear birthday card. Maybe because the Teddy Bears on the card remind me so much of my own old Teddy Bear.

It doesn’t actually mention birthday greetings, you will have to add that on the back of the card, but will be such a fun card for a 4 year old.


teddy bear birthday card

Well, this is not a birthday card, but a birthday invitation.
But is has 4 cute Teddy Bears as motive, so I bring it here anyway 🙂

Teddy bear invitation

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