Dinosaur Games for Kids

These dinosaur games for kids will be so fun to use if you are arranging a dinosaur themed birthday.
They can be adapted to work and be fun for all guests, even if they don’t participate:

  • dinosaur themed gamesPin the Tail on the Dino – Rather than using a donkey, simply print out a large picture of a dinosaur, print out a dinosaur tail on a separate piece of paper, and have the birthday guests pin it to the dino’s body while blindfolded.

    Taken into account that there are small children involved I think it will be a good idea to use double sided tape for the tail. Or put the picture of the dinosaur onto a metal plate of some kind and glue a magnet to the tail.

    I would also make a tail for each child/participant, and the children can help glue their names to their dino tail. This will make a great start for the game.

    In that way even the smallest kids can participate, sometimes with a little help from the parents 🙂



  • dinosaur eggs paintedDino Treasure Hunt – Hide a bunch of dinosaur eggs around the house, with clues leading the parents and their children to finding the little dinosaur eggs containing special treats.
    For a birthday party for 1 year old and toddlers Party Kinder eggs are not such a great idea, because the little ones will have a tendency to put everything in the mouth, and Kinder eggs contain small plastic toys that are dangerous for kids less than 3 years old.So instead find some eggs like the ones you use for Easter treats, print come dinosaur clip art and decorate the paper eggs with the clip art.Or paint the eggs in different colors with spots on them, to make them look like real or cartoon dinosaur eggs.


  • Dinosaur Limbo – Don’t use a broomstick for this game of limbo, but cut out a poster board picture of a dinosaur tail as the obstacle the kids have to crawl or waddle under.

    You can also still use a broomstick, or a rope, but then decorate it to look something like a dino tail:
    Paint it and glue spikes in other colors to it.


  • dino birthday favorsDinosaur Dig – This is actually a game for the little ones, and will be lots of fun if you are setting up an outside play area.Let the kids play in the sand, and hide a few plastic dinosaurs beneath the surface of the sand. The child that “finds” the most dinosaurs will receive a special prize.
    Again don’t use too small dinosaurs or dinosaurs that can break into small pieces if chewed if the guests are under 3 years old.

These are a few games that can make your dinosaur themed party fun for all!

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