Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Dinosaur birthday invitations are perfect for any dino-themed party, and most boys love a party that is themed around all sorts of dinosaurs. Whether you go for an Ice Age party, a Barney party, or just a plain old fashioned dinosaur themed party, your little boy is sure to be pleased.

Take a look at all these cute dinosaur themed invitations and find one that goes with the age of your child.
These birthday invitations are easy to print, and free as long as you only use them as your own private invitations.

You can find most of these invitations with dinosaur pictures on the pages with invitations for different aged birthday invitations, but I have collected them here without naming the age.

Here there will also be a couple of invitations with no text at all, to use as a dinosaur invitation template.

Click the dinosaur picture you like to get to the larger version in another tab.
Then right click that on, choose “save image as …”, and then print it.

Dino birthday invitation

Here is the same card, but as a template where you can add your own text and drawings:

dinosaur birthday invitation template

Here is an invitation with the text:

Make  sure to stomp you way
over to _______________’s
house and enjoy
a day carousing
with the dinos.
Dino Birthday

katmosaurus birthday invitation
Here is a dinosaur birthday invitation with three cute dinosaurs:

dinosaur themed birthday invitation
“Come help ___________________
crack the presents open
at his dinosaur birthday party.”

is the text on this cute dinosaur party invitation.

cute dinosaur invitation
The next two invitations with dinosaur pictures are a bit scary, so I guess they will be best to use for kids turning 4 or more.
Otherwise I am not so sure any guests will turn up 🙂

scary dinosaur party invitation

Two dinos birthday invitation

Here are two birthday invitation templates with huge, cute dinosaurs: A stegosaurus and a ??

stegosaurus birthday invitation    dinosaur invitation for birthday

As I mentioned in the start of this page, on the pages with 1st birthday invitations you will find some of the cards above made especially for inviting guest to those birthdays, but to make it easier you also find them here:


Dinosaur birthday invitation three dinosaur birthday invitation dinosaur invitation for boys


Funny Dinosaur Birthday Invitation for Children Turning 1 or 2 or 3:

If you want an idea for unique birthday invitations, why not try to make this actually quite easy and funny 1st birthday invitation that you see below:

1. Click the picture of the two sides of the dinosaur egg to come to the larger version. Then print the template  with 200 dpi, it will be approx. 5,5 inches high.

dinosaur egg hatching invitation

2. Fold the paper before you cut the egg, to get the shape as precise as possible.

3. Cut the dinosaur egg, but remember not to cut the side of the egg. (Of course you can also skip the cutting and just fold the paper if you like)

4. Now you can write the invitation inside the egg, maybe glue a picture of the birthday child and some dino clip art inside the egg as well.

Just like that, your cute custom birthday party invitations can be made!

If you feel like doing even more about the dino invitation, try cutting out the part with the black and the dinosaur head, and instead glue to the inside of the card a small picture of the birthday child!

Then on the inside glue a white paper the size of the egg shell, or just a dinosaur clipart to cover the back of the picture of the soon to be one year old child.

Also I have made some different templates here, just different in the way that the dino hatching in the egg is different and the spots on the egg shell.

dinosaur themed birthday invitation   spotted dinosaur egg hatching   s-dinosaur-egg-hatching-4

And finally I have added a template for the 1st birthday invitation with the invitation text. You can use it as it is and write some more inside – you can glue the two sides together to make an egg, if the text is enough – or you can cut the dino head and the black out, glue a picture of the birthday child inside, and then glue the two sides together.


This way you will have a cute dinosaur egg with the birthday child inside. How much more dino-ish for a 1 year old can a birthday invitation be?

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