Detective Themed Birthday Party

At a certain age all kids would like to become a detective. It is fun to think of yourself as someone who can find out about secrets, solve puzzles, and maybe read coded messages.

So having a birthday party with a detective theme is such a great idea, from when the child turns 4 to when the child turns 14.
And I can tell you that is equally fun to arrange such a detective party!

Below you can find ideas for place cards made as magnifying glasses, how to make a detective paper cloth, how the kids can make their own detective glasses and magnifying glasses and links to two sub-pages with a detective themed treasure hunt and secret codes.

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Decorations for a Detective Themed Birthday Party:

detective glasses and magnifying glass
See the picture below on this page to see how the glasses are made.

A birthday party with a detective or a spy theme demands some kinds of decorations to go with the theme.

It depends a little on the age of the birthday child and the birthday guests, but the kind of decorations will more or less be the same.

For a birthday party for a kid 4 years old it will be great to buy some pipe cleaners, in different colors if it is a girl’s birthday, may black or dark if it is a boy’s birthday.
The length of the pipe cleaner should be 11-12 inches.
For the glasses you will need two the length of 11-12 inches, and one cut in half.

For the magnifying glass you will need two pipe cleaners in full length.
At each child’s place at the table place as many pipe cleaners in the right sizes that is needed, and start the birthday by telling the children about the theme or tell them the plot.
Then instruct them in making a pair of detective glasses and a magnifying glass each, and help them making their glasses fit.
It is a very good idea to have gone though this process with the birthday child beforehand, both to make you know the difficulties, and to make sure it will be a success for the birthday child.

When the kids are 5-15 years old, you can, in the invitation, tell them to come dressed as spies or detectives, with a hat or a cap and sunglasses.
You can then make the place cards as paper magnifying glasses with their names on them. Save the template below, print it with 150 dpi the size you would like it to be. Then either use it as it is, and write the names of the birthday guest on the glass, or glue it to cardboard  before you cut it, to make it more solid and better to play with, and the name on the handle.

magnifying glass place cardYou can also print a lot of these  magnifying glasses, maybe in different sizes,  and glue them to a white paper cloth to make a great detective themed party cloth!

Find the template for the detective badge on the page with the Detective Treasure Hunt, print it, glue it to cardboard, cut it, glue a safety pin to it, and give each birthday party guest a badge.

If you have access to a cheap second hand shop or flea market, you could start way before the birthday party is to take place and buy a lot of old hats, suitable for detectives and spies.
This is sure to make a lot of fun, and kids in all ages just love to wear strange hats!

Spy Themed Party:

If the birthday child is more into a spy themed party, you can buy in a joke shop plastic glasses with funny noses and mustaches, and mustaches alone, to give each guest the chance to dress up beyond recognition 🙂

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detective badgeHow to Become a Detective!

This is such a great page with a detective themed treasure hunt, with a story and different puzzles.



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Secret Codes!

Here you will find all kinds of secret codes, great to use for detective games and spy parties.

code maker for scavenger hunt

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Here is a picture of the detective glasses made of pipe cleaners, before the two glasses were united:


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