Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids

I think you will find these birthday party theme ideas for your kid’s birthday so valuable. First when your child is turning 1, and then later, all the years to come, where you need inspiration for arranging a birthday party that will make your child happy.

pirate costume for birthday(This page is, like many others here on my website, under construction. Making a great website takes time, so please bear with me).

Actually you don’t have to follow the theme more that it suits you, or –  you can go completely nuts with a theme.
Whatever you choose to do, these theme ideas can create new ideas that will help you arrange a great birthday for your child.

I think that all these birthday themes can be used for kids of all ages – though some are better for younger children, some better for older children. You can also have a look under let’s say 1st Birthday Ideas, where you will find birthday themes I think would be great for a 1st birthday.
And of course that goes for 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday and son on.

For most of these party theme ideas I have made additional pages with invitations, cards, maybe wording, games, and often I have also made a page with ideas for food or cake for that specific birthday theme.

So all you need now is to take a look through the themes described below. Click the link, and read more about what you can do with the theme you like.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids:

Pirate Party Ideas for Kids

Pirate flags with sculls and bones, a treasure chest filled with gold coins and pearls, maybe even a skeleton or two – this is a real pirate party, and only the most brave can attend!

Pirate Party Invitations for Kids

Pirate parrot wooden legYou can find a lot of pirate party invitations on this page, together with pirate words.

There are birthday invitations with pirate girls and pirate boys, old scary Blackbeard, parrots, octopus, funny pirates and pirate ships.


Pirate Party Games for Kids:

pass the water for the pirate shipYou can make a lot of games fit this special theme, but I have made a collection of the children’s games I really think works well with a pirate theme.

There are games like “Lined up to Walk the Plank”, “Fetching Drinking Water for the Pirate Ship”, “Pirate in sight” and “Getting Warm” where you shall find the keys for the treasure chest.


Pirate Birthday Greeting Cards:

Happy 2nd birthday pirates                Octopus and pirate flag


Pirate Party Decorations:

pirate napkinAs pirate themed parties are quite popular there are a lot of stuff you can by for the birthday decorations. Such as paper plates, napkins, cups and glasses,  funny thing to use for decorating the birthday table, pirate table cloths, flags.

You can also by a pirate chest and a pirate map on Amazon and in other shops.

Last time I arranged a pirate birthday party we bought a pirate chest and filled it with golden chocolate coins. It worked so well with these beautiful golden coins, and the kids were happy about it.

On this page with pirate decorations you will see haw to make a great pirate map yourself, and you will find other ideas for pirate decorations.


Pirate Food:

Birthday cake pirate themedRecently I was at a 4 year birthday party for a girl who just loves everything with pirates.

The birthday child and her mother had made two layer cakes and decorated them as pirate heads, with a pirate scarf and an Eyepatch.

The decorations were made in marzipan, mixed with some powdered sugar to make it easier to work with, but you can also make it with frosting.




Hawaiian Party Ideas for Kids

soft-colored-hair-clips-HawaiianIf it is summer and you can have a birthday party outside, a Hawaiian themed birthday will be just the case.

And if your child has a birthday in the deepest winter or on a grey and rainy autumn day – what could be more appropriate than to celebrate a wonderful warm and summery birthday indoor, with flowers, the radiators on full heat, colorful drinks and Hawaiian music to dance to.


Hawaiian beddingHawaiian Presents and Baby Gifts:

If you are having a Hawaiian theme party or if you are invited to one, what would be more appropriate than giving the birthday child a gift with pictures of Hawaiian flowers, Hawaiian inspired shirts and dresses, not to mention beautiful Hair pins with Hawaiian flowers.



Hawaiian Birthday Food and Drinks:


Detective Birthday Theme

detective glasses and magnifying glassAt a certain age all kids would like to become a detective. It is fun to think of yourself as someone who can find out about secrets, solve puzzles, and maybe read coded messages.

So having a birthday party with a detective theme is such a great idea, from when the child turns 4 to when the child turns 14.

On this page, link above, you will find great ideas for decorations and place cards for the detective party, as well as ideas for costumes.

detective badgeHow to Become a Detective!:

Here is a treasure hunt all created around how to become a detective.
With a great story for the treasure hunt, with posts and secret coded letters.

There are posts with puzzles the guests will have to solve to prove they can be a real detective, and finally there is a diploma you can copy and give all the very clever detectives.

You will also find a page with secret codes to use for treasure hunts.

Detective Games Kids can Play:

detective game fingerprintSome really great games to play at a detective themed birthday.

The kids will love these games, where they will have their fingerprints taken, or learn to do it themselves.
They will identify the thief who took all the candy bags, and maybe even get it back.

There is a game where the little detectives shall find all the false statements in a story, the story a criminal suspect tells to show he didn’t do it!


Birthday Theme with Hats

hat themed birthday partyA birthday where you invite the guests to wear hats, is a simple themed birthday, but it can be really funny. And if the birthday child is turning 1 or 2, then it is really a great theme.
You don’t have to dress the little ones up in a complicated costume, a costume they often don’t want to wear, or try to get off as soon as possible.

So hats can be the thing to do, and then all the adults should wear hats as well. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but on the other hand it gives people who love to dress up the chance to wear all kinds of strange and funny hats.

Make sure you have some extra hats, for the guests who forgot their hats, or if a hat is spoiled in the heat of the party.

Hat Themed Birthday Invitations:

For a birthday invitations for a hat-themed birthday you can actually use any of the cards here on my website, just write on the back of the card that you expect all guests to wear a hat of some kind.

But I have made some party invitations with hats, to use especially for this kind of birthday theme.

hat themed birthday invitation  hat theme birthday invitation   birthday invitation for wearing hats


Birthday Party Games with Hats:

Age: 5 years and up
Number of participants: 6 and up to 12.
You need: You don’t really need anything, but all the participants shall wear hats.

6 or 7 of the guests stand in line with their hats on.
The rest of the guests is a team, and shall look at the lined guests and try to remember who wears what hat.
The team now leaves the room, and two or more hats are swapped. The number of hats you swap depends on the age of the guests.

Now the team comes back and shall tell the lined guests how they shall swap back, so the people get the right hats back on.

Hat Decorations for the Birthday Party:


A Teddy Bear Party:

Because you can by Teddy Bears for almost no money at all these days, or win them in amusement parks, and because a lot of little kids are overwhelmed with cute Teddy Bears – because of that you can find loads of cheap Teddy Bears cheap on most flea markets.

So if you just think about this birthday theme a little ahead, you can by Teddy Bears to fill every cupboard and every corner, and a great game for this kind of birthday would be having all the guests try to count how many Teddy Bears there are hidden around in the flat or room.
The guest who gets the right answer, or gets close, can win a price.

Free Birthday Cards with Teddy Bears:

Teddy bear birthday card for boysHere on this page you find printable birthday cards with cute Teddy Bears.

I think you will be able to find a birthday card there that suits almost any kind of birthday party.
There are Teddy Bears with roses, Teddy Bears with balloons.
A birthday greeting card for the 3rd birthday and for the 4th birthday.
Birthday cards in blue and red and green, with Teddy Bears of different kinds.


Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations:

Dino birthday invitationLots of funny and scary birthday invitations with dinosaur pictures.
Cute dinosaurs and the more dangerous ones like T. rex and other meat eaters.

There will also be a couple of birthday invitation templates with for a birthday, where you can add your own text and maybe other pictures of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Food

Dinosaur food is usually raw meat, but who says that you can enjoy some dinosaur-themed food instead?  Cut some sandwiches into the shape of a dinosaur(using cheese and ham for the sandwiches rather than peanut butter and jelly), or make dinosaur cookies using a dino-shaped cookie cutter. Make mini dino muffins decorated with green frosting (you will need to find the dino muffin trays in a party supplies store).

Dinosaur Birthday Cards

funny birthday card with dinosaur9 funny birthday cards with dinosaurs, for a child turning 2 and 3 and more.

There are cards with funny cartoon dinos and cards with dangerous carnivore dinosaurs roaring a birthday wish.
Find the card you like, save it and print it, and the birthday child will receive a wonderful and genuine birthday dinosaur!


 Dino Party Favors

The party favors can be simple, as long as they have something to do with dinosaurs. You can give little dinosaur toys, stuffed dinosaurs, books of dinosaurs, dino flash cards, dinosaur hats, or pretty much anything else you can think of that has dinosaurs on it.

Dinosaur Games for Kids

dino birthday favorsPin the tail on the dino is one the the birthday games you can read about here.
Of course it is a variation of the good old Pine the tail on the Donkey-game, but here you will see how you can adapt that to a dinosaur themed birthday.

There is also a Dino Limbo game, and games with dino eggs!


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pink pirncess costume


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