Birthday Party Games for Kids

birthday-party-games-for-kidsThere are so many funny birthday party games for kids and you can combine them and alter them to fit almost any birthday theme.

I have tried to divide them into different categories to make it more manageable, I only hope I haven’t made it too confusing that way 🙂
Anyway you shall remember that all the birthday games can be changed a little, I do that all the time:

– I make a picture treasure hunt into a pirate treasure hunt by letting a person dressed up as a pirate tell about the hidden treasure and follow the children from post to post, and finally an old treasure map is showing where the treasure chest is hidden with a lot of chocolate coins.

– The old game “It’s getting warmer …” can be used just as it is, or it can be used for finding keys to a pirate treasure hunt, or clues for finding out who the thief is, or for finding delicious dinosaur eggs you can eat 🙂

So with that in mind take a look at all the ideas for childrens’ party games I have listed in the overview below:

Children’s Party Games:

Let’s start with two fun games kids can play that are great for getting the guests together, also if they don’t know each other that well:

From Egg to Superhero:

Age: 7 years and up
Number of Participants: 6 and more
You need: Space enough that all the players can walk around between each other in a big circle

from-egg-to-superhero-gameWhen the game starts all the guests walk around between each other inside a big circle.
All the players start out being “eggs”, which means the walk around saying “egg, egg, egg” all the while they knock themselves on the top of the head with their hand.
When an “egg” meets another “egg”, those two make “Rock Paper Scissor”, and the winner becomes a “chicken”. Both the “chicken” and the “egg” goes on meeting others, the “chicken” says “bawk, bawk, bawk” and flap their elbows.
When a “chicken” meets another “chicken” those two make Rock Paper Scissor”, and the winner becomes a “monkey”. Both the “monkey” and the “egg” goes on meeting others, the “monkey” saying “OOO, OOO, Ahh, Ahh” and walks with bend legs and long swinging arms.
When two “monkeys” meet, again those two make Rock Paper Scissor” and the winner becomes a Super Hero and leaves the circle to wait for all the others to end as Super Heroes as well.

As you can see, there is not really any winners here, it is all just for the fun of it, and as I said it is a great game for the guests to get to know each other.

Catch the Frog:

Age: 5 years and up
Number of Participants: 6 and more
You need: —

birthday party game catch the frogAll the players are seated in a circle on the floor, with 1 player standing in the middle. The one player in the middle is the “frog-catcher“. You are the leader of the game and stay outside the circle. Explain the rules to the guests.

When the game starts, everybody (except you) shall close their eyes, also the “frog-catcher”.
While they have their eyes closed you silently tap one of the players in the circle on the shoulder, he or she is now “the frog”. All the other players in circle are flies, but nobody but you knows who is “the frog”.

You tell all they can open their eyes, and the game starts.
“The frog” shall eat all the flies by catching their eye and then stick his or hers tongue out, without the “frog-catcher” seeing it.

When “a fly” has been eaten by “the frog”, “the fly” lie on it’s stomach in stead of sitting up.

“The fly” that has been eaten must not by purpose reveal who is “the frog”, neither must the other “flies”, but these can of course try to avoid being eaten by looking away from the person who they suspect to be “the frog”.

“The frog-catcher” has three attempts to guess who is “the frog”. If the “frog-catcher” guesses right, the player sitting to the right of “the frog” shall be the next “frog-catcher”. If the “frog-catcher” cannot guess who “the frog” is, with the three guesses, then “the frog” becomes the next “frog-catcher”.


Pirate Party Games for Kids:

pirate gamesHere you find the birthday games “Lined Up to Walk the Plank”, where the kids blindfolded and silent only have ONE hope to avoid walking the plank.

You can also read about the game where the pirates shall topple a tower of tins, or one where they shall see which team is best at getting fresh drinking water for the ship.

You can find more about pirates if you look at the main page Pirate Theme for kids birthdays. (coming up)


Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids:

duel with apples for birhtdayACHere are some fun games for kids to play outside, games like “Demolish the Tower” where you shall shoot down a tower of empty paint buckets, while the “Watcher of Tower” shall guard it if he can, and games like “Follow the Leader”, “Duel with Apples” and the old “Duck, duck, goose”.

As this is a page with outdoor games there are also described fun party games that involves water, like “Fill the Bucket” and a “Stafet with Water Balloons”.


Birthday Games for Toddlers and Kids 2-4 Years Old:

When arranging a birthday party for toddlers and also kids turning 4, you don’t really need that many games.
Playing with old and new toys is often enough to fill the day, besides opening the presents and eating the cake.

But I have collected some very fun games to play together with the little ones, where following the rules is not the most important thing.

These games are mostly about having fun together with the guests, or playing some games where you succeed whatever you do.
There is the game with Rolling the ball, Potato baton race, with cups instead of spoons for the toddlers, The bear is sleeping, with the children’s song, and a few others.

Indoor Birthday Party Games:

You will find some great indoor party games here on this page.

There will also be a couple of relaxing games, to calm down both children and grown ups, which can be a very good idea when everybody might be a little worked up by all the presents, all the sugar and all the toys.

Coming up soon:

Tee Party Games:

Princess Party Games:

Party Games for Kids 5-7 Years Old:

Fun Activities for Kids’ Birthday Parties 8-12 years old:

Teen Party Games:

If you have the place for it, one of these birthday party ideas for entertainment could be great, and they might even fit the theme you have chosen.

I will start with this outdoor soccer game, easy and cheap to make if you have a football goal and a tarpaulin.
Tie the tarpaulin to the football goal, then cut holes in it and write the points you get if you manage to kick the ball through one of these holes.
I saw how this rather simple game kept 15 boys busy for hours!
football birthday game

The inflatable bouncy castles can be rented, made as a princess castle, a jungle, with circus motives and I guess a lot more possibilities, and they are great fun for kids in almost all ages, at least from 3 years to 12 years.

Here you can see two of these funny bouncy castles:

circus bouncer for birthday                   jungle bouncy castle

One thing I haven’t seen before is this, I guess it has a specific name that I just don’t know, but this inflatable thing with a rodeo bull.
One of my grandchildren, a girl aged 5, tried it and thought it was hilarious!

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