Best Presents for Kids’ 5th Birthday

Best present for kids' 5th birthdayThe problem with presenting the best presents for kids’ 5th birthday is that now they have reached an age where their wishes are very much influenced by what is popular at the moment, what the other kids have, and what they see on the TV of commercials and series.

If there has recently been a movie with Tinkerbell, then Tinkerbell dolls of any kid will be high up on the wish list, if there is new series where the Little Ponies can turn into humans, then these new dolls are extremely popular. And so on ..

As far as I can see, little girls seem to follow these new trends more than boys, but maybe that is only between the kids I know?

But I will give you ideas for birthday presents for a 5th birthday, birthday wishes made from the wish lists of 4 boys and girls who have just turned 5, here in 2016.
And even if the trends change, you can just think along the same lines and change the dolls with what is in vogue now 🙂

You can also choose to avoid these trend gifts and give the birthday child one of the other gifts that will be popular throughout all the trend changes.

Girls 5th Birthday Present Ideas


birthday present barbie dollAs one of the mothers wrote on her daughters wish list: “barbie dolls, barbie clothing, and actually everything that has to do with barbie”.
That should cover a lot of gifts already 🙂
This mother also told me that when she and her daughter visited a big toy shop, the birthday-child-to-be almost went into a happy trance when she saw all the shelves with barbie dolls. Dolls in all colors, with princess clothing, fashion clothing, occupying whole rows of shelves.

And somehow it seems these little girls can never, ever have enough of these barbie dolls, which again also have to do with the barbie dolls making new dolls of the different Disney characters like Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Tinkerbell and the other fairies.


This is the time when you can start reading real books to the child, and it is such a great experience to have together.
In the start it might be difficult for the child to get used to books without that many pictures, but when they get used to it they just love it, and they love be together with you when you read it to them.

The books that were on the wish list this year are actually kind of classics.

birthday gift for girls 5th birthdayThe Little House books

This is a series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The first three of these books will be a great gift for a 5th birthday, and maybe they can even last till next year.
Of course you can start by giving the birthday child the first one, “Little House in the Big Woods”.



book for girls birthdayLotta’s Bike

by Astrid Lindgren.

There are more books with Lotta, like “Lotta on Troublemaker Street” and “Lotta says NO!”

All the books about Lotta are so great, and my granddaughters know them by heart after only a few months.
These are books with lots of great drawings, and I recommend you read them so that your child can follow the pictures together with the text.

best birthday presents 5th

Pippi Longstocking

All the books about Pippi and her friends the monkey Nelson, her horse, and her human friends Tommy and Annika.

Again by Astrid Lindgreen.
She is also the author of the next series of books:

The Children of Noisy Village

These are books about 6 Swedish children, living in a very small village.
There is absolutely nothing dangerous in these very charming books, but the child will love the stories of the daily life, and all the things these children come up with.

birthday gift scooterScooter

If the child doesn’t already have a scooter, now would be a good time to give her one for her 5th birthday.

Also if she has grown out of the old bicycle, she might need a new one. This is really one of the both practical and mostly wished ideas for birthday presents.

Wrist Watch

wrist watch for kids

To help her to learn to know the time a wrist watch showing the time on an analog dial.

I know we more and more use the digital way of showing the time, like on mobiles and PC’s, but giving her an analog wrist watch can be one of the best presents for kids’ 5th birthday, because she will learn much faster this way than any other.

If you can find an analog watch in pink or with one of her favorite figures it will be even better.

Hula Hoops



girls 5th birthday presentMost girls turning 5 just love clothes.

Clothes of any kind: T-shirts with glimmer, T-shirts and leggings with pictures of kittens, bunnies, horses, ponies, butterflies.

So you can give them (or maybe rather their parents) a gift card for any kind of clothing store with children’s clothing.
Or, you can buy something, as long as you make sure it can be swapped, because these little girls already know what they like to wear and what not!

If the birthday child is attending a dance class or something like that, it can be a great gift if you can buy dance shoes or a gym suit if that is what she likes to do.

Maybe you have already an idea of what you think would be the best presents for kids 5th birthday right now, but otherwise here are a couple more suggestions:

My Little Pony Equestria Girls

Figures from different series like Chiku from Barbar.

LEGO Friends

Hairbands, lip balm, different kinds of jewelry.


Ideas for Son’s 5th Birthday


boys 5th birthday presentAs far as I can see from the different wish lists for boy’s 5th birthday it will mostly be things that has to do with Spiderman or one of the other Superheroes.

The birthday child might already have a Spiderman costume, but maybe it is by now too small or too worn, then a new Spiderman costume will be highly appreciated by the child.

Or you can give him anything else connected with the Superhero most presently loved, like a Spiderman bedroom collection, a Superhero packet with 5 different Superhero capes and masks. Great for playing with other boys, and oh, it will be popular at the birthday!


Turning 5 means that the child will enjoy the moments where you read a book together with him, even when the book has more text than pictures.

You can take a look at Amazon for “books for boys aged 5”.
And if you are so lucky to have a good book store around, go there and ask for ideas. They will love to help you.

Here are a couple of books that my nephew who is now 5½ year old loves, almost as much as my own kids loved them years back.

karlson-on-the-roofKarlson on the Roof

Karlson is a little man who lives in a little house on the roof.

He has a propeller on his back.

Together with the boy Eric he loves playing tricks while they try to catch thieves and save cats.

In this series is also the book “The World’s Best Karlson”, author Astrid Lindgren.

best birthday presents 5th birthdayEmil-books

“Emil and the Great Escape”

Astrid Lindgren also wrote the charming books about Emil. The boy who really tried to be helpful, but somehow he often ended up in the barn with the door locked.

But at least he had a lot of wonderful adventures, and trouble and fun follows him wherever he goes.

“Emil’s Clever Pig”, “Emil and the Sneaky Rat” are two more of these wonderful books.


sports shirt boys birthdayClothing

Well, most boys don’t really care about clothes, but they would love shoes that gleam when they walk.

Most of all they would appreciate sports clothes.
Either for when they go to gym classes, for soccer, football – or what kind of sport they prefer.

Also they love sports shirt with numbers and names of famous sport teams, like a shirt with the name RONALDO, or any name that is famous right now between their friends and family.


boy's 5th birthday presentLEGO

One of the boys I know who turned 5 this year spends a lot of time playing with LEGO, and what he is especially fond of right now (and has been for quite a while) is the Ninja  (Ninjago) and Superheroes LEGO.

They come in a lot of different packages, and I am sure that even if the birthday child already has one of the Ninja sets, he will be happy to receive one or two more!


Other ideas for what you can find to be the best present for kids’ 5th birthday, for boys, could be:

Wrist watch, analog, to help to learn to know the time.

A scooter

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