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Alicia billedeHi, my name is Alicia, and welcome to my website with all the great birthday ideas I have used through the years, together with pages that present birthday cards and invitations.

I love arranging birthday parties, and being a grandmother with 5 children and now 6 grandchildren makes me kind of an expert in these matters, I think 🙂

One thing I have loved in particular is making treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. I started out even before the children could read, making drawings of where to find the next clue, like in the bottom drawer in the dresser, and it worked fine, at least most of the times.

The first time I made a treasure hunt like that, it went well, so for the next birthday, where there were 20 children, I tried to do the same, just with 4 teams.

That did not go so well. Actually it was soon total chaos, and here is why (so you know you shouldn’t do that):

I had given each team a color, explained they should take the post with that color marked on it. I hadn’t thought it through, so I had placed all the first posts in one drawer, sure they would take the one meant for their team.

Only in one team there was a couple of boys who didn’t really listen, they were in too much of a hurry going for the treasure, so they happily took all the posts, no matter what color, and soon they found all the treasures (candy) meant for the 4 teams and started eating all of it.

You can maybe imagine all the other children searching for posts that were not there anymore, and the confusion and arguments.

Happily though, I managed to lay hand on the treasures before they disappeared into the craving stomachs of the fastest team and divide them between all the children, but it was a close shave.

You can find a lot of different scavenger hunt ideas here on this website. I made them for birthdays, Shrovetide, holidays in the countryside, school excursions. Unfortunately I cannot remember all of them, but together with my children I have managed to collect a number of them for this website.

I have had to remove the possibility of making comments, because I got thousands of comments that were just spam about anything but birthdays.In stead I have here a mail you can use if you want to contact me for anything: Advice, ideas, comments, corrections – what you need or think of.


Today I am a guest at my grandchildren’s birthdays, and I enjoy seeing my children continue with a lot of my ideas; so it seems they were good enough, then.

Also I am making scavenger hunts for a lot of my friends for their 50th and 60th birthday parties, using some of the ideas from the children’s treasure hunts, just making tasks to be solved about the birthday child, like, ”Showing 4 pictures of babies, guess who is the birthday child as a baby,” ”Which sport did xxxxxxxxx participate in when she was 10 years old, ballet, diving or badminton?”

I hope you will find good use for my website.

Best Regards


PS: If you make a treasure hunt for children and use math, please do NOT give them a post where you tell them to walk (5834 minus 5824) steps when you just want them to walk 10 steps. I can tell you from experience that it can be really difficult to find an overeager team when they have only seen the first number and have started walking 5834 steps away from your home 🙂