5th Birthday Party Ideas

Here are 5th birthday party ideas for gifts for boys and girls, food and party drinks, birthday games and – well, a lot of things really.

When your child is turning 5, a lot of things start to change.

Depending on which country you live in, your child maybe starts in school, or pre-school, anyway she or he is now becoming more conscious of all the social contexts.
S/he will have some close friends, even if it might change a lot who is close and who is not, and these friends now mean a lot to your child.

So when you start thinking about arranging your child’s 5th birthday party, you can maybe do it differently now.
One thing you can do is arranging a small birthday party for only your child and her/his friends. Maybe the guests will still need to have their parents around, but turning 5 could also mean that the kids are now old enough to celebrate only with you (you here means you and a couple more adults, if you will be sure to be able to cope with possible mishaps).

Then you can arrange a family/friend birthday as well, where the focus is more on meeting and talking. Sometimes these family birthdays are there to ensure that the whole family stays linked throughout the years.

5th Birthday Party Invitations (coming up)

5th birthday invitationI have made most of these birthday invitations with a line where the birthday child can write her/his name, because as far as I can see all my grandchildren who are 5 or turning 5 are very absorbed in the world of words and letters and especially in learning to write their own name.

If they have already learned it, they want to write it again and again, and these birthday invitations will be a really good place to do it.
If the child hasn’t yet learned to write her/his name, this is a good place to repeat it.


Happy 5th Birthday Card

5th birthday cardEven if the birthday child is your child, it can be a good idea to give her/him a birthday card, and if you are not the parent, here are some great and funny cards for a child’s 5th birthday.

If your child is receiving a lot of birthday cards from friends and family it can be a funny decoration to hang them all on a string, maybe between the lamps on the breakfast table. It will also be nice for the guests to see that their cards are being appreciated.

Maybe some of the cards will be send as attachments to email, then I suggest you print them out and place them on the birthday child’s place in the morning, or when and where you are celebrating the birthday.



5th Birthday Poems and Sayings

Poems and sayings especially for the child’s 5th birthday are great to have for a birthday card, or for the gift tag.

You can also use these poems for decorating a white paper table cloth. Use different poems or just one, write it all over the paper cloth in different colors.
Now the guests can read them for the birthday child, or it can just be for the decoration.


Best Presents for Kids’ 5th Birthday

birthday party presents for kidsNow the birthday present wishes really start to be different from child to child, and of course especially depending on whether the birthday child is a girl or a boy.

Also some kids already have almost everything, while others have only a few, maybe highly appreciated toys.
The strongest reason why it becomes more difficult giving advice about presents is though that, at least for the girls in my family, their wishes are highly influenced by what series they see on the television, or what kind of toy is most popular between the other kids in the kindergarten.

Anyway, I will give you some ideas on the basis of the wish lists I have received this last year.
Actually I am going to by a 5th birthday present today, so you can say I am up to date 🙂

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt for Kids’ 5th Birthday

As I wrote above I was going to a 5th birthday the other day, and the parents had made a great scavenger hunt for the birthday child and her guests.

5th birthday treasure huntPreparation for the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt:

1. – They had bought a small, cheap puzzle, 6-12 pieces, but with big pieces.
When the puzzle was assembled, they glued two pieces of paper onto the puzzle, one on each side.

On the top paper they had made a drawing of a blue sand box. This is where they were going to hide the treasure.
The top paper was all white, where they could later write clues where to find the next puzzle piece.
When it had dried, they cut the puzzle pieces through both papers as well.

2. – Together with the birthday child they filled candy bags, and made a couple too many just to have en extra if something happened to one of the other bags, or if an extra child should join the birthday.

3. – The parents had arranged with some of the neighbors where they could hide a post, in the neighbors back yard, behind another neighbors potted plant, and so on. The parents had also found a couple of good places for posts in a little peaceful park.

puzzle-piece puzzle-piece-24. – An hour before the birthday started one of the parents had placed the posts around in these places in the neighborhood, starting with one puzzle piece at home where it was written: Trace with something pink that goes BANG when broken (or they could have made a drawing of a pink balloon)
It was a rainy day, so all the clues and especially the candy bags were in plastic bags to keep dry.

5. – One of the parents told the children (7 boys and girls) that there had been a thief who stole the candy bags. The birthday child could testify they had been there, now they were gone!
Fortunately the thief had left a clue (nobody wondered why ;-)) on a puzzle piece, so now they all had to go searching for a pink thing that went BANG and so on.
They found a pink balloon, and tied to it was a plastic bag with two puzzle pieces.

6. – After finding all the puzzle pieces they all went home to assemble the puzzle, so they could see the drawing of the blue sand box.
Now it was actually rainstorm outside, so they decided to send a deputation to collect the candy, one adult and one brave child with rain wear and rain boots.

The birthday scavenger hunt ended well. The brave deputation came back with the candy bags, and the next hour or so the kids were fully occupied with swapping and comparing and enjoying the candy.


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