2nd Birthday Party Ideas

Your little one is turning 2, you are arranging a birthday party and so I hope you will find a lot of useful 2nd birthday party ideas here on my website.

These years in the child’s life are amazing and wonderful to follow. In the last year the child has gone from taking her’s or his first step to walking safely beside you, and your child even wants to go exploring.

This also means that a 2nd birthday party can be quite different from a 1st birthday party. The birthday child will enjoy the attention (though not too much of it, attention can become rather tiresome in large doses), he or she can now play with other children, or at least stand watching each other playing, and the child can even take part in decorating for the birthday party.

2nd Birthday Party Themes: (coming up soon)



Presents for 2nd birthday

Ideas for Birthday Presents for 2nd Birthday party:

That the birthday child is turning two means that all gifts that helps the little one explore the world indoor and outdoor will be great. Balance bikes, swings, toy cars and little motor bikes you can move with your legs, balls.

But also books, you can read for the toddler, with lots of pictures and maybe even books that make sounds!

At least, but not last, everything they can use to stable and build and make move and then topple, and then they can stable and build and make move and so on……..


Octopus and pirate flag

Printable Happy 2nd Birthday Card and 2nd Birthday Wishes

:Here on this page you find 11 free second birthday cards, with dinosaurs, monkeys, teddy bears and cute little kittens.
There will even be some birthday cards with funny pirates and a pirate ship.

In between all these birthday cards you find lots of 2nd  birthday wishes and poems, and here comes a couple more:

 “Two is a special number – we all have two ears, two hands, two feet and two nostrils. And
guess what? You are two today! Happy 2nd Birthday!”

“Congratulations for turning 2. Now you are old enough to eat your birthday cake all by yourself. Happy
birthday. “


2nd Birthday Invitations and 2nd Birthday Invitation Wording:

dog musicians playing songHere you find 10 free printable 2nd birthday invites, together with some other, funny and cute invitations wordings for the birthday.

Here are a couple more:

“Ahoy Matey
Ye be invited to
xxxxxxx’s 2nd
birthday party!
Join us at your own risk”

“Ice cream, cake and fun with you.
xxxxxxxxxx is turning two”


2nd Birthday Party Games:

Here I have collected some party games for toddlers, some of them to play outdoor, some to play indoor.

You actually don’t need that many games for a 2nd birthday party.  Unwrapping the presents, playing with all the new toys as wall as with the old toys together with the guests, eating the birthday cake and maybe taking a nap – what more can you want for a birthday party?

But the birthday games I describe here are the best I can think of for making the birthday even better, playing these games with all the adults in the family and friends, older sisters and brothers and cousins.
A child turning 2 is not that much into following rules, so the games I describe on this page can be played without many rules, or with changing the rules to make the game be fun for the birthday child.

Idea for 2nd Birthday Cake and Food:


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