2nd Birthday Invitations and 2nd Birthday Invitation Wording

Now when your toddler is turning 2, you’ll need some 2nd birthday invitations, and maybe some birthday invitation wording for the invitations.

You can start having themed birthday parties now. Most toddlers will be happy to have any kind of birthday theme, as well as a birthday without a theme, but for the fun of you and the guests there are a lot of themes you can choose.

To go with the different themes of course you will have to send out birthday invitations that fits the theme.

Here are 10 free invitations for 2nd birthday party. Some of them are invitations you will also find as 1st birthday invitations, just a little different (the text, of course :-)), but I have also made a lot of new 2nd birthday invites for you.

To make this page load fast enough, I have placed the birthday invites in small versions here. Click the picture, and you will get to the real version, which you can save and then print with 300 dpi. The invitation will be 4 x 6 inches.

10 Printable 2nd Birthday Party Invitations:

1. This very pink and cute invitations with the text about cupcakes will mostly be for girls’ birthday parties.

You can make the birthday be a lot about cupcakes. Either let all the guests help making fancy full cupcakes, or you can let them decorate the baked cupcakes with all kinds of colored glaze and toppings. The little toddlers will love it, and maybe they will love eating and tasting even more!

The text says:
“We can hardly believe it’s true,
our little cupcake is turning 2.
Help us make this day special for …………”


cupcake invitations as 2nd birthday invite


2.  A birthday invitation for a boy who likes to play ball games withe family and friends.

The text says:
“It’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’s birthday
so come join the scene!
get “dressed out”
and be a part of the team”


ball themed invitation 2nd birthday



3. A 2nd birthday invite with a small train with an elephant, an owl and a dog playing guitar, presumably the Happy Birthday Song.

The text says:
“xxxxxxxxxxxx is turning 2
Join us for cake and ice cream”

2nd birthday invite with animals


4. This is a very cute 2nd birthday invitation with a vintage picture of a girl and her doll in a pram.

The text here says:
“You are invited to celebrate 
xxxxxxxxxxx 2nd birthday.
Date and time
Come join us in having fun!”

2nd birthday invite for girls


5.  Whereas the invitation above will be mostly for little girls, the one below will be mostly for little boys.

It is again a vintage picture, this time a boy, beating the big drum and singing or shouting.

The text says:
“We hope you will join us on XXXXXXXXXX 2nd birthday party,
to celebrate and having fun!
Date and Time

invitation for 2nd birthday for boy


As you might have notices I have used different 2nd birthday invitation wordings on these invitations. If you want to add something on the back of the card, or just are looking for a birthday wording, here are some you could use:

2nd Birthday Invitation Wording:

“Our little monster is turning 2
Join us to celebrate xxxx’s birthday”

“Someone special is turning two
and he wants to party with you”

“Someone sweet is turning two
We’re having a party, and we need you!”

“Our little girl is turning two!
We can’t wait to celebrate with you….
We’ll have ice cream and cake!
It’s a birthday party we hope you can make”

“A pink cupcake is
waiting for you….
Join us to celebrate
xxxxxxxxxx turning TWO!”

“Toot the horn! Bang the drum!
It’s a party!
Can you come?
xxxxxxxxx is turning 2″


Here comes some more of the 2nd birthday invites:

6. A very funny birthday invitation. I know you can’t see on the front that it actually is an invitation, but I am absolutely sure that the receiver of the card will turn the card around and read whatever you have written on the back of the card.

dog musicians playing song



7. An invitation for a 2nd birthday party, pirate-style 🙂

You will find this one and more pirate birthday invitations on the page with pirate party invitations for kids.





8.  This is an invitation for a real jungle party. Maybe the guest shall dress up like jungle animals, or the food for the party will be banana cake and jungle juice.

The text says:
“Monkey on over, join the zoo
our jungle baby is turning two.
Please join us for 
__________’s 2nd
birthday party.”

Monkey birthday invitation


9. A birthday invitation for the 2nd birthday party, with an old-fashioned sweet picture of 3 kids with all kinds of toys.

The text says:
“It’s my second birthday
Please come and complete my day! 
With love ______________”

cute 2nd vintage invitation


10. Finally the last 2nd birthday invite for now (more will come when this website grows bigger and older).

The text says:
Birthday invite!
__________ is turning 2
and we want to celebrate with you
See you real soon!”



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