1st Birthday Party Themes

1st birthday party themesComing up with 1st birthday party theme ideas for your child’s 1st birthday party can actually be fun, as you can get creative and go nuts.

Keep in mind that the 1st birthday party theme is usually dreamed up by parents who want to make their child’s first birthday party special, while the first birthday party ideas on your child’s mind are: nursing, cake, nap, toys!

But that is one of the great  parts of being a parent: you can have fun coming up with great first birthday party ideas and say they are for your kid (instead of for you, as they really are). Still, you get to have fun coming up with these party ideas, and the theme is definitely one of the best parts.

Remember that whatever theme you choose, there shouldn’t be any parts of the decorations so small that the little one can swallow them. He or she will still put anything in their mouth if possible.

Here are some  themes and ideas that can help you turn your little one’s birthday party into something special:

1st Birthday Party Themes for Him:

1st birthday theme vehiclesVehicles – There is something that little boys love about toys that go vroom!

Whether it is his favorite train set, a cute little race car, a special car from a TV series or a film (like Lightning McQueen and Sally), an airplane (usually Daddy makes this one fly), or another kind of vehicle, you can be sure Junior will enjoy this party theme.

You can make fun train conductor party hats for each guest, a cake shaped like a train or car, and even tiny matchbox cars as the decoration for your party.


 Robots – Little boys may not love their technology yet, but they will eventually grow up to be just like Daddy with his big boy toys.

You can make your child’s birthday party theme a lot of fun with robots. Robot cakes are easy to make (they’re a bunch of squares), and you can have fun hanging robot decorations.

Sports – If your little one’s birthday falls anywhere near a major sporting event (SuperBowl, NBA Playoffs, etc.), you may want to consider dressing him up as his Daddy’s favorite sports fan for the party.

You can purchase a tiny jersey of the local sports team, with each of the guests coming as fans of their favorite sports teams. All of the decorations can be themed around the sporting event, with the cake shaped like a ball, the decorations very sporty, and games involving soft balls for the little ones.

Super Hero Theme:


1st Birthday Party Themes for Her:

princess-costumeThe little girls can have fun with the more ladylike party themes, such as:

Princesses –The Disney Princesses are a very popular theme for little girls, and your child’s 1st birthday party theme can cater to the romantics in the crowd.
With the girls dressed as the princess of their choice and the boys dressed up as a Prince Charming, you can make the party something special. Though maybe the boys would prefer to be dressed up as pirates, Spider Man or Super Man, at least that would be the choice of all the little boys I know.
Most bakeries will add Princesses to your cake at no extra charge, and you can easily find these Disney decorations in nearly every party supplies store.



Lady bug costumeInsects
– There are no bugs that are more delicate and feminine than ladybugs, and you can bet that your little one will look absolutely adorable dressed up in red and black polka dots.
You can make your ladybug cake with a regular oval cake tray, and you can have the boys at the party dress up as bees or other insects.
The girls can also dress as butterflies, and you can use butterflies to decorate the cake, the party favors, and even the little snacks you serve at the party.

Dance and Music– Most kids likes to hear music, and already when the little ones  can sit, they start to sway when there is music playing.
So even if she may not be much of a dancer yet,  you can bet that she will grow up to love dancing one day.
You can start her off early by throwing her a dance-themed party, with music like the disco 80s, the boy band 90s, or the raving 2000s for the party theme, and you can get creative by making a record-shaped cake, disco ball muffins, and playing fun dancing party games.

Even if the babies don’t get too much dancing done, at least the parents can have fun swinging the babies around and getting some exercise.

You can also choose music the birthday child will know form TV or music you have played when you were dancing with your child.

animal-costumes-for-kids1st Birthday Party Themes: Themes for Them

Animals – There are few things that are cuter than seeing your little man dressed up like a lion or your little princess dressed up like a little tigress, and I must say that you can buy some really cute costumes for the little one. So maybe it would be a great idea to have a 1st birthday jungle theme?

Animal-themed parties can be fun, and they are fairly easy thanks to the fact that there are hundreds of animal decorations at your local party supplies store. You can theme the party to forest animals, Safari animals, or whatever kind of animals you want.

Winnie the Pooh – The beloved child’s cartoon character can be the perfect theme for your party, and all the kids can come dressed up as their favorite Winnie the Pooh character (mine’s Tigger).
Even if the kids don’t come dressed up, you can still find many Winnie the Pooh party decorations very easily. Do a “Hunny” themed party with a cake made in the shape of your child’s favorite character, and play Pin the Tail on Eeyore (parents will need to help, of course).
Clothes – Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean it has to have an official theme, but you can have each of the guests come with at least one special (and unusual) item of clothing on.
It won’t matter whether they wear a funny hat, a piece of Daddy or Mommy’s clothing, or a cute little extra (tie, bowtie, clip, bracelet, etc.), as long as they wear something that they wouldn’t normally wear.

Hawaiian theme party pictureHawaiian Theme – If the birthday is in the summer, or you live in a place where it’s always warm – even if you live in a very cold place, a Hawaiian birthday theme could be a great idea.

When I made the page with ideas for Hawaiian presents, I stumbled over a website where you can find the cutest and most beautiful dresses and shirts/Bermudas for the little ones, so that would be a great start for having a birthday party.

As I mentioned in the start, a 1st year birthday party actually doesn’t have to have a theme. The important thing is that you and the birthday child, and the guests, of course, will have a really nice day together, celebrating your child turning 1, your child’s first birthday!

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