1st Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for 1st birthday party ideas? Wondering what would be the best gifts for a 1 year old? Searching for a cute birthday card?

Look no further. Here are lots of cute and funny invitations, poems and cards – and all other kinds of first birthday ideas.

Your kid is about to turn one and it’s a wonderful occasion, well worth celebrating!

This website is created with the sole purpose of helping you make your child’s first birthday a really nice event for the birthday child, for the guests and also for yourself!  So first comes some thoughts about how planning a 1st birthday party can be easy and fun, and then below you will find an overview of all the pages with ideas for the 1st birthday.


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Some Parents Go Nuts – You Don’t Have to!

Some parents, particularly those who want the absolutely ‘picture perfect’ birthday party, tend to go kind of nuts when their child’s first birthday is coming up and it’s time to send out those invitations. You can do that too, if you like, but there’s really no reason why you should.
‘Perfect’ is just a word in the dictionary, not something that occurs much in real life, and you might want to consider if ‘really great’ or simply just ‘enjoyable’ might be better choices here.

The whole purpose of a birthday, after all, is for people to enjoy themselves. The birthday child, the guests and YOU should all be enjoying yourselves!

So the very first of our ideas and tips for your child’s 1st birthday would be to relax your expectations and the demands you make of yourselves as parents and hosts. If you’re all stressed out, nobody will be enjoying themselves as much as they might have.

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Think of Your Kid’s Experience

1st birthday balloonsImagine being a one year old child. Everyone around is behaving frantically. Lots of people are coming in and looking at you, cooing over you and maybe tickling you. A giant fuss is being made, a bunch of square and colorful, perhaps glittery boxes are being placed in front of your face, so you poke at them and odds are you’ll only find them interesting if they rattle.

Then something different is being placed in front you. It has a candle in it, and when you poke it your hand disappears into it. It’s squishy, and now your hand is all dirty.  Everybody around you is talking and laughing their head off and taking pictures with flashlights that are blinding you every time you look at them.

Sure, all the attention is great, but the flashlights and the noise is tiresome and pretty soon all you want is to be left alone to play around with your blocks. Or, even better, take a nap.

So, to make your kid’s 1st birthday party a success for your kid, you’ll want to put yourself in his or her tiny little shoes. But hold on, that’s not all …

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Think of Your Guests’ Experience

The next set of shoes you’ll want to imagine yourself in are those of your guests. So, think back to occasions where you were invited as a guest at someone else’s birthday party, be it a 1st birthday party or any other age. As a guest, what kind of birthday invitation did you appreciate? What kind of birthday party?

Next, send a thought to the specific people you will be inviting. What kind of birthday invitations and birthday party would they appreciate? (Odds are, the word ‘perfect’ isn’t really relevant here, words like ‘pleasant’, ‘relaxed’ and ‘fun’ are much more likely to occur).

But again, hold on, this is not all, either …

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cute teddy bearThink of Your Own Experience

You may tend to think and feel that the birthday invitations you send out, and the 1st birthday party you give is all about your kid and your guests, but really, that’s not at all true.

It is just as much about yourself – the parents of the birthday child. You deserve to enjoy yourself as you design the 1st birthday invitation, plan the party, eat the cake and take part in the celebration on that special day.

So, please try to think of yourself as well. This is where letting go of the idea of ‘picture perfect’ is particularly important. Just relax and don’t overdo it all.



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Overview of Pages about 1st Birthday Ideas:


Lots of 1st Birthday Ideas and Tips:

Well, I have given some advice above, but on this page you will really get a lot of tips about how to arrange your child’s first birthday party and in the same time having fun.

It’s tips like: Plan around the birthday child’s nap time – Find out if there are any allergies around – Make sure to spend some special time with the little one once the guests have left.

And I really like this one:

Don’t automatically take care of the little one and the party yourself, as you are going to end up going crazy. If you can’t rope your husband into helping you prepare the party, consider getting a close friend to watch the birthday boy or girl for you as you do all the setup, care for the guests, prepare the cake… (and on and on your list goes)


1st Birthday Invitations:

Birthday Invitation Templates.

1st-birthday-invitation-for-boyYou can buy the invitations, or make handmade invitations yourself – but if you want a free printable birthday invitation then I have made a lot of really cute invitation templates..
You can do several different things with these birthday invitation templates:

You can save the card into a drawing program and add the name of the birthday child, the place, when all the fun starts and a number where they can contact you.
a. Then you can print the cards and send them by mail.
b. You can attach them to a mail and send this mail to all the guests.

Or you print the cards and add the information by hand, and send it by mail.

All the invitations and cards should be printed with 300 dpi (good quality), then they will be 4 x 6 inches, unless I write something else.



1st Birthday Party Themes:

Birthday party themeThe one year old birthday child will actually not care about whether you have a birthday theme or not, he or she will just love to have the parents and family around to play with.
But all the guests, especially if there are older brothers and sisters, cousins and children of friends, will enjoy a themed birthday party, and it can actually make it easier for you to plan invitations and birthday party games.

I have chosen a couple of birthday themes that I find suits a 1st birthday, you can read more about it here.
And if these themes are not what you are looking for, then I’m sure they can inspire you and give you other ideas for the birthday.



First Birthday Poems

poem for 1st birhdayPoetry may be wasted on your 1 year old, but the other parents at the party will be sure to be impressed if you can come up with some fancy poems to add in your child’s birthday card.

You will find that the 1st birthday poems page contains a number of different pieces of poetry that will make the perfect additions to your child’s birthday card, and you can impress your guests with how cultured and literary you are. The poems range from simple to funny, and you can rest assured that your child would love them if he or she could understand them.


Funny Birthday Poems

funn-birthday-poemMany people like to include little birthday poems in the cards of their kids, but who says that poetry has to be somber like the works of Shelley and Lord Byron. Your kid isn’t going to understand that complex stuff anyways, so having some funny birthday poems in the birthday card will be the way to go.

On this page, you will find an assortment of funny birthday poems, as well as some funny birthday quotes that you can add to your child’s birthday card. While he or she may not get the message, all of the other adults and older kids will enjoy these funny poems.


First Birthday Gifts

Presents for 1st birthdayWhat to get the kid for his or her first birthday?

If you are the parents of young kids you might know what kind of toys the little one will be most fond of right now, but even you could maybe do with some new ideas. And if you have older or grown up kids, or if you don’t have any kids at all – well, I am sure (because I have been there!) that you really have no idea whatsoever what would be the best 1st birthday gift.

This First Birthday Gifts page will help you to find a few gifts that you can be sure the birthday child will like, are likely to use, and may not break as fast as you might expect. The great first birthday gifts ideas will help you to narrow down your choices until you find that perfect gift that you can be sure the 1 year old will love.



Cool Birthday Gifts

Toy storageNot only kids need gifts, but you will find that getting babies gifts can also be a lot of fun.

These cool birthday gifts are oriented more towards babies, but they are great practical gifts that the parents will also be able to use.

These gifts are perfect for babies, such as pacifiers, strollers, walkers, etc. However, they are also great for the parents, as it provides them with baby gear that they have desperately needed.

All in all, these cool birthday gifts are the perfect thing to get parents with young babies for a newborn baby present or baby shower.


Birthday Party Supplies

Preparing for the big party is important, and there are a host of supplies that you are going to need to make the party a day to remember (for your guests and family, even if your 1-year old won’t remember it).

The list of party supplies on this page will help you to know what things you need to purchase in order to be ready for the party, and you will find that everything you will need for the party will be included in the list. There are even some tips to help you make your own decorations and party supplies, thus saving you money and helping you cut down on the birthday party expenses.

Birthday Party Checklist

Worried that you might forget something for your child’s birthday? Never fear, the birthday party checklist is here.

On this checklist will be a list of all the things you need to prepare for your birthday party, reminders that will help you to get everything done, and some tips to streamline the preparation process. Print the checklist out and fill it in, or simply read through it to be sure that you have prepared everything for the party. Thanks to the birthday party checklist, you never need to worry about forgetting anything for your child’s party. This checklist will come in handy for every birthday party you arrange, and it can work no matter how old your child is.

Free Printable Birthday Cards for the 1st Birthday

Cute 1st birthday cardI have made a lot of really cute and funny birthday cards to use for the child’s 1 birthday.

The birthday cards are with motives the little one knows and can recognize, like kittens, teddy bears, trains and funny animals with balloons and butterflies.

These cute printable birthday cards will be just what you need to add a touch of color to your child’s birthday party, and will provide you with a little space to write something special.




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Anything that you need to know about throwing the best 1st birthday party can be found within these many pages, and the content here should be your first destination when you don’t know what to do for your child’s birthday party.

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