Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of All Ages

birthday party presents for kidsThis site with birthday party ideas for kids will make it easy and fun for you to arrange a great birthday for you kid, no matter how old he or she is.

I have arranged up to 60 kid’s birthday parties, for my own 4 children and even for some of their friends, treasure hunts for their school classes, and now I am arranging birthday parties for my grandchildren and my friends’ 50th and 60th birthdays.

So I guess you could say that I am quite experienced when it comes to birthday party ideas: What works for kids at a certain age, what kind of presents do they fancy, how do you make a great treasure hunt for preschool kids who can’t read, that sort of thing.  –  I even know a lot of things that can go wrong , but I have learned by that and have changed ideas to be more disaster-proof.

(You can read about some of the near-disasters on the page About Me).


How Do You Find What You Are Looking For?

I have organized the pages with ideas for birthday parties for kids so that you can go to the page about 1st birthday ideas and there find an overview of pages with gifts for a 1 year old child, games for a 1st birthday party, 1st birthday invitations and so on.

But many of the birthday ideas can, if they are changed just a little, work as well for older or younger kids, so I have also made pages with themes like a pirate theme, with decoration ideas, pirate invitations for toddlers and for older kids. Find these birthday ideas on the overview on the page with birthday themes.

The same goes with games, and treasure hunts, invitations, free birthday cards and more.

And if all this sounds a bit chaotic, just put what you are looking for in the search-box, and there it should be!
Or – click one of the buttons below to come to the main pages on this site with birthday party ideas for kids:

Main Pages about Arranging a Funny Happy Birthday Party:




Lots of examples of invitation wording, and 8 great things to remember when you write the birthday invitation.

Soon on this page you will find links to invitation wording for 1st, 2nd, 3rd  14th birthday invitations, but right now read the 8 points of things you should consider when sending birthday invitations.




Here is the main page for birthday party games, that leads to pages about outdoor birthday party games for kids, indoor party games, pirate party games for kids and a lot more.

I have tried to describe the different funny party games as best I could. I am sure you know some of these games, some will be new to you.
I have tried all these party games and find they work so well at birthday parties.
For some of the birthday games I have made drawings, and I plan to do that for them all, because it helps to see what I am talking about.

birthday party food for kids



This is a main page where you will find links to all kinds of ideas for birthday party food for kids.

Birthday cakes, with basic recipes for a cake you can decorate with icing and glaze, recipes for layer cakes and for muffins.

There will also be other ideas for birthday food, like bread on a stick, more healthy birthday food, DIY food for the kids like mini-pizzas.



Take a look at all these funny happy birthday cards. Choose the one you like, click the card to some to the larger version.
Save the card, and then print it.
It cannot be much easier than that.

Right now I have made a page with printable 1st birthday cards, one with printable happy 2nd birthday cards and birthday wishes, and one with cards for the 4th birthday.
More pages will come.


So many ideas for birthday party themes for kids and teens.
Take a look at all these ideas, use them as they are, or change them a little for your purpose.
You can even use these theme ideas for getting new ideas yourself, instead of starting from scratch when you are going to arrange your kid’s birthday party.

Pirate birthday party, a hat-themed birthday, a detective  themed birthday, and many more are going to come over time.
All of these themes with lots of pages with birthday party ideas for kids.





I have always loved to arrange scavenger hunts and treasure hunts for birthday parties for kids and other occasions, so here are pages with pirate treasure hunts, picture scavenger hunts for preschool kids, detective treasure hunts and a lot more, like a page with different secret codes to use for these birthday party games.




Cute 1st birthday poems and birthday wishes, this is just one of all the great pages about the child’s first birthday and birthday party ideas for kids in general.

There are also pages with 1st birthday invitations, birthday cards for the child’s first birthday, pages with ideas for the best presents to give to the birthday child and so on.




Here you find links to all the pages concerning arranging a 2nd birthday party.

Pages with ideas for birthday presents for a 2nd birthday party, a page with 2nd birthday invitations and wording, and pages with birthday cards made especially for a kid’s 2nd birthday, also with poems.




Ideas for 4th birthday gifts, together with pages with birthday cards for the 4th birthday party.

5th birthday party ideas


Now the kids are getting older, you can make a new kind of birthday party, with new games and treasure hunts, and maybe you will have to arrange two birthday parties, one with family, and one with your kind’s friends.

(This website is under construction, but if you return in lets say a month, you will find many more funny and helpful pages about birthdays.)



General Party Ideas and Tips: Think of the Whole!

So, the first of my somewhat unusual birthday party ideas or birthday tips would be to think about the birthday party in three distinctly different ways:

1 – what would be great for the birthday child?

2 – what would be great for the guests?

3 – what would be great for you, yourself, the parents?

dinosaur-egg-hatchingThose three tings are not necessarily the same, and you should keep them somewhat compartmentalized in your mind. First, think about each one of them and make sure you get each one right, and THEN you put them together in a whole, where you may need to make a few compromises along the way.

1 – what would be great for the birthday child?

Remember that this the one day in a year where your kid should be certain to feel that he or she is the center of the universe.

I’m not asking you to keep the focus on the birthday child all day, what I have found works is to make the games and other activities appropriate for your child’s age and abilities.

If you know that there among the invited kids are a few that have a tendency to take too much control, be sure that there are enough adults ready to redirect their energy so that the birthday child will not feel forgotten and become unhappy.

All in all, be sure there are enough adults or older kids to take care of the children even if one of the kids should fall and need to have their wounds washed, while the others hurtle around in search for the treasure. Otherwise a situation like that could cause chaos and ruin an otherwise successful birthday party.

dog musicians playing song

2 – what would be great for the guests?

To be sure the guests will have a funny happy birthday start by sending them a birthday invitation that tells them where and when, of course, but also approximately how long the party will last.
Also it should be clear if anything is expected from the guests such as costumes, (and not so often: additional food, a verse for a song, a story.)

The guest, both adults and kids,  will feel relaxed if they can see that you and your helpers are in control. When you have established the “rules” for the day, everybody knows what to expect, unless of course you have a surprise.

I am sure you will find what you need of invitations and games here on Birthday Party Ideas for Kids.

Children blowing soap bubbles

3 – what would be great for you, yourself, the parents?

I think it can be so much fun to make the arrangements for a birthday, thinking about the theme, the decorations, what kind of games you can play and so on.
But if you don’t think that is fun, just make i simple.
Take the ideas from this website or from friends, make them fit to what your child would like and the place where you make the birthday party.

First of all: Don’t overdo it! I have arranged some birthday parties for kids where my ambitions were too high, and, well, it did work out for the guests and the birthday child, but only at my expense. I was so tired when the guests left that I could have sat down, in tears, and I can’t too strongly advise against that!

The whole purpose of a birthday, after all, is for people to enjoy themselves. The birthday child, the guests and YOU should all be enjoying yourselves!



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